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Bless Unleashed: How To Get Star Seeds

Blessed be the stars and the benefits you get from them!




Blessed Unleashed is an MMO that stood strong against trials and tribulations of its launch day.   After transitioning from a paid to a free business model, it blew a second wind to the fire that threatened to die during its release.

As per other MMORPGs, Bless Unleashed has a lot of elements that require resources, one of them would be Star Seeds that you can use for a variety of activities like purchases in Player Marketplace, resurrect your character, or teleport to Teleposts you’ve unlocked on your map. 

It’s an incredibly useful resource and here’s how you can get more of it.

How To Get Star Seeds in Bless Unleashed

It’s not easy to get Star Seeds from just playing the game, you would need to trade for it and the main currency is gold.  However, you cannot just buy it anywhere; you would need to find NPCs with the Star Seed Exchange title above their heads. 

The easiest one to find is Olvera, found in Carcazor.  Do note that you can only exchange Star Seeds at a limited time per day. 

It’s advisable to save your gold until you reach a desirable amount to the Star Seeds you want to purchase because you’ll have to wait a day to trade more if you already ran out of the chances you get for that day.   On the other hand, this limitation will grow as you progress through the main campaign of the game. 

You can view your remaining daily Star Seed exchange allocation by looking at the top-right corner of your world map.

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