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Bless Unleashed: How to Start Crusades

A quest like no other, Crusades bring a lot of fun to the table, at a limited time!




MMORPGs have a way of banding people to a certain location to fight a common foe and Bless Unleashed is no different. It has a couple of features that allows a player to take part in massive scale battles that ultimately lets them reap sweet rewards.

One of these events are the Crusades that you can unlock within each region. Find out how to start joining them in this guide.

How to Start Crusades In Bless Unleashed

How to Start Crusades In Bless Unleashed

Crusades are region-based quests that last for 20 minutes and cool down for 4 hours before it becomes available again. To start a Crusade, you need to do your prestige quests that would then unlock a Crusade quest in that area. Afterwards, you only need to look at your map and see if there is one happening. It’s symbolized by a tree with a colored circle around it with an AOE marker.

Just walk into the Crusade area to join a Crusade. Each one has a different objective, whether fighting monsters or solving a certain requirement. After a Crusade, you will be awarded by different essences and some side loot that you can exchange for certain perks in the game.

There are no level requirements for crusades, although if you’re a lot lower than the required level, you’ll get less XP. After a Crusade ends, you will find a big treasure box in the final area where you can unlock the loot you got based on your participation in the quest.

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