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Bless Unleashed: Where to Get Warrior Talents

What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger, and you can even reap sweet rewards!




Equipping yourself with boons from all the quests in Blessed Unleashed takes a lot of time and luck.  You can definitely get bad rolls from loots and even some that you can’t use.  Out of all the useless junk you might pick up from a dungeon or two, there are some that are always good to have.  One of them is Warrior’s Talents.

Where to Get Warrior Talents In Bless Unleashed

Try as you might, these particular boons would be hard to get when you’re in your starting levels.  Once you reach a certain threshold, however, they become almost guaranteed as you go through some dungeons.  You can now get Warrior’s Talents when you encounter sealed chests from dungeons level 29 and above.

It’s not just left to chance either, all sealed chests that you encounter will contain Warrior’s Talents which makes them easier to get thus far.  The most difficult part might be getting the keys to unlock the sealed chests but that’s an entirely different monster to overcome.

The easiest way to farm sealed chest keys would be to take on smugglers as they drop it more frequently.  After you get your set keys, you can run 5-man dungeons to farm for your talents.  It should roughly give you 10 from each day for a total of 20 a day. 

It may be a bit grindy but the rewards are sure worth it.  Happy grinding!

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