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Little Alchemy 2: How To Make Evil

Step into the darkside, we have cookies!




Little Alchemy 2 combines the joy of creating with boundless humor for the descriptions of the items you are bound to create.  It’s all fun and games but what if you want to make some conflict within the world you’re making?  It’s a complicated run but we have put together a simple guide to make making Evil easy even for beginners!

How To Make Evil in Little Alchemy 2

How To Make Evil in Little Alchemy 2

At the start of the game, everyone is given elements to play around with.   Our goal is to create Pandora’s Box and Human then combine it to make evil.  Sounds easy enough?  It gets a bit complicated in the long run.

Creating Human

  1. Combine Earth + Water for Mud
  2. Fire + Fire to create Energy
  3. Earth + Fire to create Lava
  4. Air then Lava to make Stone
  5. Stone + Mud to create Clay
  6. Water + Water to make Puddle
  7. Combine two Puddles to make a Pond
  8. Pond + Pond to make a Lake
  9. Have two Lakes combines to make Sea
  10. Combine Sea + Planet to make Primordial Soup
  11. Combine Primordial Soup + Energy to make Life
  12. Life + Clay will then net you Human

After your Human is made, you would then need to make Pandora’s Box

Creating Pandora’s Box

  1. Air + Fire to create Smoke
  2. Earth + Earth to make Land
  3. Land + Land for Continent
  4. Combine two Continents to make a Planet
  5. Combine Planet + Air to make Atmosphere
  6. Have Atmosphere and Water merged to create Cloud
  7. Cloud + Water will then net you Rain
  8. Rain + Soil will make Plant
  9. Move on to Fire + Stone to make Metal
  10. Stone + Stone to make Wall
  11. Wall  + Wall to make House
  12. Combine Air + Stone to make Sand
  13. Sand + Fire to make Glass
  14. Earth + Metal for Plow
  15. Plow + Earth to make a Field
  16. Field + House to make a Barn
  17. Fire + Life to make a Phoenix
  18. Phoenix + Phoenix for an Egg
  19. Barn + Egg to make Chicken
  20. Chicken + Egg to create Philosophy
  21. Planet + Philosophy to make Big
  22. Then Combine Big + Plant to make Tree
  23. Fire + Planet to make Sun
  24. Sun + Energy to create a Solar Cell
  25. Solar Cell + Sun to make Electricity
  26. Electricity to Glass makes you a Lightbulb
  27. Combine Lightbulb + Tree for a Christmas Tree
  28. Christmas Tree + Human makes Santa
  29. Smoke + Stone makes Chimney
  30. Finally, Chimney and Santa will give you a Gift

Combine Gift (Pandora’s Box) and Human to create Evil.

Evil can be used to make a lot of different things from here on out!  Have fun experimenting!


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