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All Drops (Weapons + Accessories) In Pixel Piece

Let Neptune strike ye dead!

Alexis Ongsansoy



all drops weapons accessories in pixel piece

Ahoy mateys! Rumor has it that a new action game named Pixel Piece has been sighted along the horizon. Players left and right have been scurrying about trying to find all sorts of information for their crew and the like but alas, Lady Luck was not on their side. That’s where we step in! If we have to sail the Seven Seas to get you all the weapon drops, accessories, and all sorts of booty then so be it. We’ll let you in on everything we know about what you can get in this unforgiving world before you set sail!

Pixel Piece | All Drops (Weapons + Accessories)

Now if you’re familiar with how drops work in the game you know that you will have to do a little bit of fancy footwork in order to get them. That and a few restarts if you didn’t get the desired outcome. With that out of the way let’s see what lies in store for us on Pixel Island!

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all drops weapons accessories in pixel piece2

The first one that you can find that drops something for you is the Corrupt Commander over at Shells Town. What you will be looking for is his Metal Guard and Axe Hand Morgan. You need to be at level 45 in order to take the quest but there is no level requirement for throwing down with him.

all drops weapons accessories in pixel piece3

The next boss is named Kabaji and he can be found at Orange Town in an empty lot near the dock. He’ll drop his Kaba Scarf and a Cutlass. The scarf is pretty rare so this is the part where you’ll have to try again if it doesn’t drop for you.

Another boss in Orange Town is Puggy, he drops a Scarf and a Hat as well as a set of Knives. However, the knives are still a work in progress and haven’t been added in yet. You can find him in the large house to the left side of the docks.

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all drops weapons accessories in pixel piece4

One more boss worth mentioning is the Nuro Pirate, you can find him on Syrup Village in front of the mansion, a structure that is difficult to miss on a small island. You can get the Nuro Claws but as of the moment that too, is still a work in progress so keep an eye out!

all drops weapons accessories in pixel piece5

A few more drops worth mentioning are Marine Caps, you can get them by defeating the Swordsman Sailor Guard on Shells Town. Along with that should be the Clown Nose from the Clown Pirates back at Orange Town. And with that comes all the information you need for all the weapon and accessory drops. Now go forth and set sail! That booty won’t unearth itself!

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