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Helldivers 2: Ultimate Beginner’s Guide | Warbonds, Stratagems and More

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Helldivers 2 is a great shooter but isn’t so great when it comes to guiding new players. With all the Warbonds, matchmaking details, stratagems, ship modules, and more, the game can be hard to get into. 

Furthermore, this is a team-based shooter and people will be less likely to have you on their team if your gear and level aren’t the greatest. This is where our guide comes in, we’ll guide you through what you need to know as a beginner in Helldivers 2.

Ultimate Beginner’s Guide | Warbonds, Stratagems and More

We will be covering several different aspects of the game, providing you with information on how to effectively use those mechanics to your advantage. 


Matchmaking is the process in which you connect to other players and play in a team together. Unfortunately as of the time of writing this guide, the matchmaking system is very buggy. It has a very low success rate even when using some of the communities’ fixes

There are two ways to start the matchmaking process. The first is through the Quickplay option in the main menu. This puts you in a team and that team goes to complete a mission. The other method is through throwing down a beacon

Beacon in Helldivers 2

By throwing a beacon down, you can get other players to join you on your mission. This is a good option to have especially if you’re in an emergency and need help fast.


Warbonds are basically Helldiver 2’s version of the battlepass system. You get boxes that you can open using medals to get some rewards. These can be found in the Acquisition Center and you need medals to unlock them. 

Warbonds in Helldivers 2

Medals are unlocked by completing missions, primarily. The gear you get is usually either armor gear or new weapons. Keep an eye on this menu, as you’ll be getting all of your shiny new guns and armor through Warbonds.

Super Credits

Helldivers 2 does have a few pay-to-win systems. While the Warbonds are the primary tool for progression, you can also get Super Credits. These are usually bought for real money, but can also be found in-game. 

Super Credits in Helldivers 2

Once you have some Super Credits, you can spend them in the Super Store to get some more and higher quality gear. Super Credits can also be earned by just playing the game, but they’re rarer and you’ll have to spend some time grinding. 

Superstore in Helldivers 2

Beginner Missions

After finishing the tutorial, you’ll be given three missions to complete. Complete them as fast as possible before getting into any other exploration. These give good rewards which can make exploration a lot more enjoyable. The sooner you get them over with, the sooner you can progress. 

Completed Mission in Helldivers 2


By completing missions, you can get your hands on some Standard Credit. Through these Standard Credits, you can unlock some Stratagems. These are different pieces of technology that can help you during battle and exploration. 

Stratagems in Helldivers 2

Ship Modules

Ship Modules are upgrades that use samples you can obtain during exploration during missions. These upgrade your ships as well as your stratagems. Some of these are very useful, so definitely keep unlocking Ship Modules as you play.

Ship Module in Helldivers 2

Liberation Campaign

The goal of the game is to work together in teams as a community to liberate sections of the world. Everyone is a part of the galactic war and by playing together, more and more areas can be liberated. 

Liberation in Helldivers 2

If you keep all of these tips in mind while playing, you’ll be sure to hit your stride faster than any of your friends! Keep an eye on our site for more Helldivers 2 articles, and have fun!

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