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Overwatch 2: Every Hero Change You Should Know About

There were tons of new stuff showcased in the Overwatch 2 beta, but it also brought forth a ton of changes implemented on each hero in the game.




The PVP beta for Overwatch 2 is already ongoing, and with the new additions and changes to the game come changes to most heroes as well. Let’s have a look at what these changes are.

Every Hero Change You Should Know About in Overwatch 2

Before we get to the specific hero changes, let’s have a look at the changes to the role-based passives first. Each hero now comes with a role-based passive that will greatly benefit them during fights. They’re as follows:

  • DPS heroes will have a movement speed bonus
  • Support heroes will have a self-healing passive if they don’t take damage for a certain period of time
  • Tanks will suffer from reduced knockback duration, and any heroes who damage them will suffer from less Ultimate charge

With that out of the way, let’s now talk about specific hero changes.


Bastion no longer has the self-heal ability, Self-Repair. Instead, he’ll now get a new right-click ability, Tactical Grenade, which can ricochet off walls and will only explode when it hit enemies or the ground. His ultimate also know transforms him into an artillery gun that fires up to three artillery shells across the map.


Her weapon now has unlimited ammo but will use an overheat mechanic. Meanwhile, her shield and Halt! abilities are no longer there. They’re instead replaced by a right-click ability called Energy Javelin that can knock back enemies and stun them as well as the Javelin Spin ability that can block and destroy projectiles. It will also give Orisa a movement speed bonus for a certain duration.


Mei’s primary firing mode no longer freezes enemies. It can slow them down however and will deal more damage than before.


Brigitte can no longer stun enemies using her Shield Bash ability. Instead, it will deal more damage and a longer knockback.


Zarya’s bubbles now have a shared cooldown, meaning you’ll have to practice cooldown management to play her efficiently. She can apply the bubbles to two allies or use them both on herself.


Doomfist now plays as a tank, with higher health and a modified kit to allow him to stay on the front lines for as long as possible. He still retains most of his previous kit, albeit with some changes.

One major change is the removal of the Rising Uppercut ability. It’s instead replaced by a defensive ability known as Power Block which will reduce incoming damage by 90% when blocking from the front. It will also supercharge his gauntlet after absorbing enough damage.

Once charged enough, it will cause the Rocket Punch to deal more damage. However, its base damage has been tuned down significantly, so you’ll no longer be able to one-shot squishy heroes unless it’s supercharged.

Lastly, Meteor Strike will now apply a slow to all enemies it connects with.


Winston now has an alternate fire in the form of a mid-range charged shot. It’s not capable of one-shotting any hero, though it can deal decent poke damage from a decent distance.

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