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Mobox NFT Game: How to Earn Money? | Game Review

The new play-to-earn MOBOX is the latest game backed by Binance and can be played on various platforms.




Mobox is a community-driven game that hosts many games you can download on your phone or any other device as it is a cross-platform metaverse game. The game combines both DeFi and NFT to create a virtual ecosystem where you can play to earn money.

How to Earn Money in Mobox NFT Game

Mobox allows both “play-to-win (P2W)” and “play-to-earn (P2E)” principles to coexist by creating a platform with free-to-play mechanics accessible to everyone. Since the games inside are integrated into Blockchain technology, it’s possible to earn money with Mobox, making it a great source of income for many gamers.

NFT Games

Participating in games will reward you with tokens or MBOXes whenever you get into the top ranking. For this to happen, you need to play well and study the mechanics of each game until you get better. Trying on as many as you can increases your chances.

Mystery BOX Mining

The Mystery BOX or MBOX contains a MOMO that you can sell on the market. MOMOs are NFTs only available in the Moblox Platform.

The price of MOMO changes depending on the market. Open an MBOX to get a MOMO with random attributes. Depending on its value, you can choose to sell or upgrade it first to earn a lot of money later on.

You may also choose to rent MOMOs and let it participate in games; but this approach costs you money so, this is basically an investment inside the metaverse.

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