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Minecraft: The Ultimate Survival Guide 1.19 | New Blocks, Items, Mobs

Minecraft’s The Wild update, which is version 1.19, has tons of new additions to the game. These include new blocks, items, mobs, and a whole lot more.




The 1.19 update features a ton of new additions to the game. These additions range from new biomes and mobs to new blocks and a host of new items. As such, if it’s been a long time since you last played Minecraft, it can get overwhelming going back considering the slew of new stuff you can find in the game.

Without further, let’s have a look at what the 1.19 update has to offer in detail.

The Ultimate Survival Guide 1.19 in Minecraft

As mentioned, there are tons of new stuff to look forward to in the 1.19 update. They’re as follows:

Deep Dark Biome

The Deep Dark Biome is a whole new biome that you can find underground. It’s located right within the Deepslate layer and it features a handful of new blocks as well as new POIs such as the Ancient Cities. Also, you can find the Warden inside this biome.


As for the Warden, this one is a miniboss that typically spawns in the Deep Dark biome. Due to the biome’s characteristics, the Warden suffers from blindness. However, even though it’s blind, it can still track you by sensing vibrations from your footsteps.

Do keep in mind that the Warden can kill you in one hit, so it’s best to keep your distance from it as much as possible. Also, due to its unique ability, the usual methods you use to avoid mobs won’t normally work.

Mangrove Swamps Biome

Another new biome that gets introduced in the 1.19 update is the Mangrove Swamps. These are essentially vast swamps that are filled with the new Mangrove tree type which you can plant on either land or water.

What makes the Mangrove Swamp biome different than the typical Swamp is that it features a more pleasant atmosphere and a brighter color palette.

Apart from that, it also uses mud instead of dirt, which can only mean you might find yourself sinking slightly into the sand while exploring the area.

Speaking of mud, you can also find the new mud block. You can convert it into clay by placing it on top of a dripstone. Alternatively, you can convert it into mud bricks and use them as a new building material.


One exciting addition to Minecraft’s creatures is the frog. Specifically, there are three frog variants that got introduced with the 1.19 update. These are the Cold, Temperate, and Warm Variants, each having its own color depending on the biome it spawns in.

Cold Frogs will normally spawn in snow biomes, Temperate Frogs will spawn in the swamps, and Warm Frogs will spawn in deserts.

There are also Tadpoles that will eventually grow into any of the three frog variants in the game. This will depend on the biome where they live. You can even carry a Tadpole using a water bucket, allowing you to move them from one biome to another.

This way, you can dictate which frog variant they’ll grow into.


Another creature that gets added in the 1.19 update is the Allay. This is essentially a blue fairy that will serve as your companion. You’ll find them caged near Woodland Mansions and Pillager Outposts. If you manage to free one and give it an item, it will then scour the surrounding area for more of that same item.

Disc Fragments

Disc Fragments are new items in the game that you collect by opening chests located inside Ancient Cities. Collect 9 of these fragments, and you’ll then be able to craft a music disc named 5. This new music disc will play various sounds that you can normally hear within the Deep Dark biome.

There are a ton of new additions to Minecraft with this update. If you want to know more about them, then now’s the time to download the latest release using your Minecraft Launcher.

Boat with a Chest

The Boat with a Chest is a new vehicle that you can use for overseas exploration. The addition of a chest means you can store your items inside it as you go traveling from one place to another. This also means you can build multiple bases and transfer items around quickly and easily.

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