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Deep Rock Galactic: Season 2 Overview | All the Things You Should Know

Deep Rock Galactic’s Season 2 is right around the corner, and it brings with it a lot of new stuff to look forward to.




If you’ve played Deep Rock Galactic, then you’ll be excited to hear about the addition of new stuff and features that will be added into Season 2. Let’s dive right into what those are.

Season 2 Overview of Deep Rock Galactic

One of the main highlights of the Season 2 update is the focus on rival escalation in the form of a new Rival Nemesis robot. This robot will stress the importance of overclocking systems for weapons since it can grab you and keep you suspended in the air until you shake free.

You can encounter this Rival Nemesis in most of the new mission levels, making it one of the most dangerous enemies roaming around. Apart from that, there’s also a new season event that includes disrupting your Rival’s communication system. You’ll also get a new warning signal alerting you of the presence of a Rival nearby.

With this new system, some changes will be made to the season pass as well, giving players more rewards for doing and completing Rival missions.

Along with these changes in the systems come four new secondary weapons, with one allocated for each class.

For the Gunner, they are given an electromagnetic coil gun that can easily punch through solid rock.

For the Scout, a crossbow capable of firing electrified bolts is given.

Meanwhile, the Engineer can now use a laser blaster capable of clearing anything in its path while the Driller gets a device capable of cooking his enemies’ insides.

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Overwatch 2: Is the Battle Pass Worth It | True Cost of Battle Pass

Does the battle pass for Overwatch 2 live up to its cost?





The Overwatch seasons last two months and for every season there is a battle pass that includes various rewards, such as character skins, weapons, etc. The battle is an important asset of every online shooter game since it helps players to upgrade their game and characteristics.

The True Cost of The Overwatch 2 Battle Pass | Is the Battle Pass Worth it

There are two tiers of the battle pass, one that is free, and one which is premium. The free tier includes the following items: Kiriko (available at tier 55), 2 Legendary skins, 2 weapon charms, 2 souvenirs, 1 Highlight intro and 15 additional items such as sprays, emotes etc.

How long does it take to get to level 55?

When asked how long does it take to unlock all the heroes, commercial lead Jon Spector said:

“The reason why we put Kiriko at tier 55 instead of 80 on the free track, is that we really want our players to unlock all the characters, we are not trying to put them far out of reach or make it really hard for the typical players out there.”

Jon Spector

If you are a more hard-core player, and your goal is to unlock Kiriko as fast as possible you are able to reach that milestone in the first few weeks. If you are a casual player, you would be able to reach Kiriko a little bit later, but well before the season ends.

The True Price of the Premium Battle Pass

The second one, the premium battle pass is richer with loot, with immediate access to Kiriko, and other heroes, a battle pass boost of 15%, a mythic skin, 5 legendary skins, 2 epic skins, 3 play of the game intros, 4 weapon charms, 3 emotes and souvenirs, 6 poses and name cards, 8 player icons, 11 voice lines and 12 sprays.               

It costs 1000 Overwatch coins which is the in-game premium currency. You can either earn that currency with in-game challenges or you can buy it with real-life money. Note that the challenges are limited and you can earn up to 540 coins per season if you complete all the challenges.

So, you would need to complete all challenges for two seasons to earn a battle pass. 500 coins are worth $5, and 1000 coins are worth $10. If you do the math, you would come to the conclusion that you would need to spend money to get the premium battle pass.

If you play regularly, and complete challenges earning those 540 coins per season, it means that you would have to pay 30$ per year to unlock all premium battle passes from all the seasons.

If you buy the premium battle passes you would spend $60 a year, which is not much but for the average player who is playing a free-to-play game, it’s not really bad because the game doesn’t lock all the heroes so it is possible to earn all the heroes through the free battle pass tier, although you would have to put a lot of time in the game.

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