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Deep Rock Galactic: Season 2 Overview | All the Things You Should Know

Deep Rock Galactic’s Season 2 is right around the corner, and it brings with it a lot of new stuff to look forward to.




If you’ve played Deep Rock Galactic, then you’ll be excited to hear about the addition of new stuff and features that will be added into Season 2. Let’s dive right into what those are.

Season 2 Overview of Deep Rock Galactic

One of the main highlights of the Season 2 update is the focus on rival escalation in the form of a new Rival Nemesis robot. This robot will stress the importance of overclocking systems for weapons since it can grab you and keep you suspended in the air until you shake free.

You can encounter this Rival Nemesis in most of the new mission levels, making it one of the most dangerous enemies roaming around. Apart from that, there’s also a new season event that includes disrupting your Rival’s communication system. You’ll also get a new warning signal alerting you of the presence of a Rival nearby.

With this new system, some changes will be made to the season pass as well, giving players more rewards for doing and completing Rival missions.

Along with these changes in the systems come four new secondary weapons, with one allocated for each class.

For the Gunner, they are given an electromagnetic coil gun that can easily punch through solid rock.

For the Scout, a crossbow capable of firing electrified bolts is given.

Meanwhile, the Engineer can now use a laser blaster capable of clearing anything in its path while the Driller gets a device capable of cooking his enemies’ insides.

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