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COD Modern Warfare 2: How to Fix Stuck “Checking for Updates”

With the Open Beta for COD MW2 entering its first week, a lot of players are getting Stuck on the Update page.




There seems to be an issue with Updating the game where players spend hours just waiting for it to no avail.

Some have tried different methods to fix the issue but apart from re-installing the game and completely wiping the files from your PC, nothing seems to work.

The Developers are aware of the bug and are finding a solution for it and in the meantime, we have to do our work around for the update issue.

Luckily, one of the developers has come up with a simple fix for players getting stuck on the update page for Steam and we will share it with you to get things running in COD Modern Warfare 2.

How to Fix Stuck “Checking for Updates” in COD Modern Warfare 2

This workaround is for the Steam Version of the Open Beta. The issue here is that the game doesn’t update or download the necessary files.

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You might want to check your internet connection first, to see if you are getting bandwidth from your ISP. If things are working normally then here are the steps you should do for a simple fix to your problem.

Access your Steam Library

Open your Steam Library and look for the COD Modern Warfare 2 Open Beta Launcher. Once you have located it, hover on the launcher icon and right-click on it.

Select Manage and Browse Local Files

Go to manage, then select browse local files. The issue here is the cache files are either damaged or some missing files are needed to complete the update process.

Look for the folder titled  Main and double-click on it. From here, you will have to delete some files.

Access the Main Folder from the game

This goes without saying but you have to be very careful altering or deleting files here. Deleting the wrong file can make your game unplayable.

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Delete All Files Except cfg File

Inside the main folder, you will see some files like the image above. You will have to delete all DCACHE files from the folder. Leave the flilesyscheck.cfg file alone.

Close all folders and Play the game

Once you’ve deleted all the files, close everything and try to run the game. This should fix the update loop that you are having and will be able to update the game smoothly.

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