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Roboquest: Best Classes Tier List

Which character is for you and who should you main?




In the adrenaline-fueled world of Roboquest, each character brings a unique set of skills to the battlefield. Here’s a tiered breakdown of the characters, ranked from top-tier to bottom-tier based on their in-game effectiveness and abilities.

Best Classes in Roboquest Tier List

Tier List

S-Tier: Guardian

The Guardian stands at the pinnacle of our list. This class is designed with a defensive mindset, offering a balanced gameplay experience that’s perfect for both newcomers and defensive strategists.

A-Tier: Engineer

The Engineer class, while not detailed in the search results, is likely to offer a unique skill set that caters to a specific style of play.

B-Tier: Recon

The Recon class shines in close combat scenarios. Its primary ability, Blink, allows for quick teleportation and stuns enemies at the destination. The secondary skill, Laser Dagger, provides additional healing cells upon enemy takedown.

C-Tier: Commando

The Commando class is built for offense and high DPS. It features a launchable rocket as its primary skill, which can be upgraded through leveling up. The class’s melee ability, Shorty, is a versatile short-ranged shotgun blast.

D-Tier: Ranger

The Ranger, the latest addition to the game, has a primary ability called Stealth that renders you invisible for four seconds and deploys a decoy. However, it lacks the firepower to stay effective in the later levels.

Remember, the best character for you will depend on your personal play style and preference. Don’t hesitate to try out different classes and find the one that fits you the best. Enjoy your gaming adventure! 

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