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Roboquest: How To Open All Locked Doors Guide

Locked doors keeping you from progressing further? Don’t fret!




Welcome to the ultimate guide on how to open locked doors in the thrilling world of Roboquest. Whether you’re seeking hidden loot, secret areas, or powerful weapons, this guide will help you unlock every door you encounter.

How To Open All Locked Doors in Roboquest

Behind Waterfall – Oasis

This lock requires a Buddy-Bot, obtained from a special robot variant with a green eye. Interact with it, and the Buddy-Bot will be yours. Subsequently, interacting with the lock opens it. Buddy-Bots will be available at the start of each run after the first encounter.

Timed Door – Oasis

Arrive before the timer hits 0 (locks at 3 minutes on the in-game timer) to open this door. Race against time to unveil the treasures within.

Entrance Ruins

Find the key at the midpoint of the “Oasis” stage to unlock the door to the mysterious “Ruins.”

Entrance Quarry

Discover the key in “Fields,” behind a locked door at its midpoint. Refer to “The key door in Fields” for unlocking it.

Key Door – Fields

Retrieve the key in “Ruins” beyond the laser corridor, marked on the mini-map in orange. For the laser corridor puzzle, refer to “The laser corridor in ‘Ruins.'”

Laser Corridor – Ruins

Deactivate lasers by pressing four hidden buttons: two on the roof, one on a nearby truck, and the last halfway through the tunnel.

Combination Lock – Quarry

Find the combination beside the door leading to “Ruins.” Note: Each player’s combination is unique, so copying from this guide won’t work.

Locked Door – Aqua Station

Purchase the key from Heisen-bot for 9 cells. He appears after acquiring the Red power crystal (“The coloured ticket doors in Haven city – The Red Ticket”).

Combination Lock – Energy Centre

Obtain the code at the elemental junction in the stage. Each element corresponds to a part of the code. Collect all parts over multiple runs.

Locked Door (Element Room) – Energy Centre

Complete “Doom Gardens” after unlocking the door in “Fields.” The key is in an alternate entrance in the midpoint of “Aqua Station.”

Different Colored Tickets – Haven City

The Green Ticket

Found in “Waste Station.” Access it through “Quarry” to “Aqua Station.” Locate a hidden path before the midpoint.

The Red Ticket

In “The Pit,” accessed through “Quarry.” Use a movement tool to reach the high entrance behind a keypad door.

The Blue Ticket

Behind the code door in “Energy Centre.” Refer to “The combination lock in Energy Centre” for the code.

Secret Door – Haven City

Unlock it by collecting all power crystals, located in the orange section of the mini-map.

Exit Door – Haven City

Defeat four specific large enemies marked as red dots on the mini-map to open this door.

Exit Door – District XIII

Clear two challenge areas found in the purple sections of the mini-map.

Thanks for reading! Good luck unlocking all the doors in Roboquest! Also, please let us know if we missed any down below.

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