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Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom – Zelda’s Golden Horse Location

Ride upon the Lightning Stallion, a horse renowned for its incredible agility




Now you can unlock the secrets of efficient travel in The Legend of Zelda through the fastest ride “The Golden Horse”.

All the horses you encounter on your journey have different stats, but Zelda’s Golden Horse easily outperforms most of them.

It is unquestionably a horse you should add to your stable.

How to get the Golden Horse in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom

Source: Its Shatter

To begin this expedition, you need to travel southwest from the Snowfield Stable all the way to ucky Clover Gazette near Lake Totori.

Speak with Penn at Lucky Clover Gazette, talking to her will start the Side Adventure “Potential Princess Sightings”.

This will set up the next step.

Head back to “Snowfield Stables” You will see Penn talking again to Harlow about the missing golden horse.

You need to engage in conversation with both and that will get you started on your next side quest, “Zelda’s Golden Horse”.

Harlow will tell you that the golden horse bolted to the north. By keeping to the east side and riding for about a minute or so, you will detect a golden horse from afar.

In case you don’t find it easily, here are the exact coordinates, (-1757, 3336, 0241) to the location.

As you spot the golden horse, try to sneak up on it so you don’t spook it again.

Make sure your stamina bar is full to tame it. In case you don’t have a full stamina vessel; you may need to quickly consume a stamina-restoring potion.

Source: Its Shatter

After making your way back to Snowfield Stable, speak to Penn and Harlow for the last time.

They will be so grateful that you were able to find Zelda’s Golden Horse that they will reward you by allowing you to keep it.

Upon successful completion of your quest, Harlow will also reward you with a prestigious Royal Bridle and Royal Saddle, revitalizing Energizing Elixir, and a generous sum of 50 Purple Rupees.

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