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Where to Find Mystic Set Outfit Location – Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom

Hunt down the Bubbulfrogs to trade for this unique armor set.




The Mystic Set is a unique armor set in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom. It allows you to avoid taking damage, consuming your Rupees instead of health when you get hit.

You will need to hunt down the rare Bubbulfrogs and get Bubbul Gems to be able to trade for this set.

In this guide, we’ll tell you everything there is to know about obtaining this useful armor set.

Where to Find the Mystic Set in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom

Source: Sirloin

The Mystic set can only be obtained by completing a series of trades with a weird little merchant known as Koltin.

Source: Sirloin

You can first meet Koltin around the Woodland Stable in the Eldin region. Look for the small pond known as Pico Pond. It’s directly east of the stable, you should spot a big colorful balloon there.

Source: SwitchForce

Approach the balloon and you will notice a small man looking into a cave, this is Koltin’s brother. Get close to him to trigger a short cutscene.

You will meet Koltin and he will ask you for a Bubbul Gem.

Source: SwitchForce

These gems can only be obtained by killing the Bubbulfrogs found inside the various caves of the game’s world. The picture above shows one of them.

Give him the gem and he will move to a new location by Tarrey Town in the Akkala Highlands. The game will mark this on your map, making it very easy to find even if you’ve never visited its region!

How to Trade Bubbul Gems for Mystic Equipment Pieces

Head to Tarrey Town now by following the “The Search for Koltin” quest and you will meet Kilton, Koltin’s brother. He will let you know that Koltin sets up a stall on the town’s outskirts every night.

Wait for nighttime and look for the big colorful balloon at the edge of the town. Koltin has officially set up shop and will offer you various goods for your Bubbul Gems!

The different pieces of the Mystic set are part of these goods. However, he has a set order of trades and you can’t just choose to buy the Mystic set pieces straight up.

Instead, you will need to complete a large series of trades to get every piece. You will need a total of 45 Bubbul Gems to get all pieces of the set, but you will also get other great treasures along the way.

You can also ask Koltin if he senses Bubbulfrogs, which makes them easier to find. He will give you a general direction of where to find an live Bubbulfrog for you to hunt down!

You just need to find caves and hunt the Bubbulfrogs inside them now that you know how to get the Mystic set. It might take a while to get all 45 gems for the trades, but the Mystic set is well worth it.

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