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Slime Rancher 2: Where to Find Buzz Wax and Wild Honey Location Guide

Buzz Wax and Wax can be found spread out in Starlight Strand




Buzz Wax and Wild Honey are both Slime Science resources that are must-haves if you want to create all kinds of gadgets like utilities and warp tech. You need these gadgets to catch new and unique Slimes if you want to expand your Slime Farm. Luckily, both resources can be found in Hives.

But not all hives produce the same resource. So, which hive gives you which?

Fortunately, that’s why we have this guide. Let’s dive in.

How to find Buzz Wax and Wild Honey

You can both Buzz Wax and Wild Honey in distinct hives at Starlight Strand.  These hives are scattered all over Starlight Strand and are randomly spawned which means they have no set location to appear in. So you’re going to have to go to different spots each time.

Players should keep their eyes peeled for bright yellow hives with black stripes that produce honey under the hive or a grey and black hive dripping a clay substance below the hive. These are the hives that produce Buzz Wax and Wild Honey and are often located in trees or on rocks.

The bright yellow hives dripping honey produce Wild Honey while the grey dripping one gives out Buzz Wax

Once you get the hang of finding them, players can suck the resource out using the Resource Harvester. The hive will shake the resource out, producing a few items. It’s recommended to farm both resources on a single resource run since they practically look identical. Just make sure to lighten the burden by setting up a Refinery Link.

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