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Slime Rancher 2: How to Get Cuberries

Cuberry trees can be found on the game’s starting island.




Do you have lots of herbivore slimes to feed? Or even the nocturnal Phosphor Slimes in your Conservatory? These ones are picky eaters and the Cuberry is their favorite fruit and if you feed them with it, they will produce twice the amount of Plorts.

The cube-shaped fruit is not so easy to find, but with this guide by your side you’ll stock up on Cuberries in a moment.

How to Get Cuberries in Slime Rancher 2

To get your cuberries go west of the Conservatory and explore the Rainbow Fields area. You will be looking for green-leaved trees with cube-shaped, bright red fruits. For your ease, we’ve circled two spots where you’ll find such trees on the map above. Be prepared to do some climbing, as the cuberry trees grow in small elevations.

Once you’ve caught sight of a Cuberry tree, you’ll need to use your Resource Harvester to pluck the fruit. Should they not have any Cuberry on them, visit the same location some minutes later. Always remember to look the ground around the trees as well – fruit sometimes falls off them and you don’t want to miss any!

Another but far less effective method to get Cuberries is to destroy stone vases that you will find in hidden areas of the map and caves. Once broken the vases drop coins and items, one of which can be a Cuberry, but they are not an assured drop, so you’re better off looking for the Cuberry trees.

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