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Where to Find Archaic Armor In Zelda Tears of the Kingdom

The Legwear are easy to find, but the rest of the set is a tad trickier.




The Archaic Legwear is the first piece of equipment you may get in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom. It’s part of the Archaic Armor Set, but where are the rest of the pieces?

You will need to thoroughly explore the Great Sky Island to find the Archaic Tunic and Archaic Warm Greaves.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how to find all pieces of this starter armor set.

Where to Find the Archaic Armor Set in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom

Source: xTGE

The Archaic armor set consists of three pieces: the Archaic Legwear, Archaic Tunic, and Archaic Warm Greaves.

All three pieces of the set are found spread across the Great Sky Island area, which is the game’s tutorial region.

The first piece you should get is the Archaic Legwear. You can find it in the Room of Awakening at the very start of the game, being the first chest you come across.

The chest is right in front of you after the swimming tutorial.

Next, you would want to grab the Archaic Tunic. You can find it close to the In-Isa Shrine, inside of the Pondside Cave.

You can find this cave in the southwestern part of the Great Sky Island, its approximate coordinates are 220, -1650, 1360.

Enter the cave and follow the path to the end. You will find a chest with the Archaic Tunic inside at the very end.

The third and final piece is the Archaic Warm Graves, and they provide some Cold Resistance to help you explore colder regions.

You can find these graves inside a tree after you visit the Gutanbac Shrine and obtain the Ascend ability.

While you’re at the front of Gutanbac Shrine, look toward the east and you will spot a large tree. The tree’s coordinates are 0767, -1345, 1587.

Get under the bark and use Ascend to be able to get inside of the tree.

Go forward into the tree and look to your right. You will find the Archaic Warm Graves in a chest inside a hole.

Congrats, you should now have all three pieces of the Archaic Armor Set! They hid them fairly well. We don’t blame you if you only had the Legwear.

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