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The Legend of Zelda TOTK: Best Armor Set to Get Early

Let us tell you where to find a fantastic armor set to soar through the skies.




There are a lot of armor sets in Tears of the Kingdom, but not all of them are equal. As such, you will want to get the best armor set you can get early on.

We highly recommend the Glide Set for this, since it will make exploration much easier with its massive buffs to Link’s skydiving ability.

Read on and we’ll tell you where to find the best armor set early in the game.

Best Armor Set to Get Early in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom

Source: TagBackTV

The Glide Armor set is by far the best armor set to get early on since it will greatly enhance your aerial mobility.

It’s extremely important at the start of the game since you won’t have enough Energy Cells to make good use of flying Zonai contraptions, so you can use the Glide set to make up for it.

All three pieces of this set are obtained by completing skydiving challenges at three separate Sky Islands.

Source: TagBackTV

Each piece you equip will give you better mobility while Skydiving. Additionally, upgrading them with the help of Great Fairies will completely negate fall damage, no matter how high you fall from!

Now, let’s go over how to find each of this armor set’s pieces.

Glide Shirt

You can get this piece from Lindor’s Brow Skyview Tower in the northwestern part of Hyrule.

Activate the tower and launch yourself from it. Look to your left as you go up, you should be facing to the southwest.

You should spot some sort of Sky Island tower in that direction, use your Paraglider to reach it.

You will find a circular Ultrahand glyph at the top of this island, interact with it to start the Skydiving challenge.

Jump off the edge of the island and dive through the circles until you fall into the water pool at the bottom. A short cutscene will play showing a new Shrine, but you can ignore it for now.

Look for the Steward Construct by the pool and speak with them, then donate a Zonai charge to start the timed Skydiving challenge.

You will now need to dive through the rings in the sky once again, but now you need to do it in less than 35 seconds!

Hold R to accelerate while diving, but be careful as it will make Link tighter to control.

Complete the trial and speak with the construct to get the Glide Shirt! That’s one part of the best armor set for the early game down, two more to go.

Glide Tights

This piece can be obtained from the Thyplo Ruins Skyview Tower at the north of the map.

Launch yourself from the tower and look to the south to spot another Sky Island tower, similar to the previous one.

It’s far away, however, so you should first aim to fall on the closest cross-shaped island. It’s the one that has a shrine on it.

Now look toward the broken-up Sky Island tower you saw before and try gliding toward it. Be careful with your stamina, though, we recommend bringing some Stamina food to help.

Use your scope to look for the island with the water pool if you need it, that’s where you have to land.

You will find another Steward Construct once you land on this island. Just as before, provide them with Zonai charges to be able to do the skydiving challenge.

Complete the challenge in under 35 seconds to get the Glide Tights!

Glide Mask

The final piece of the set is the Glide Mask, and it’s the trickiest one to get out of the three. We recommend equipping the previous pieces and starting from Mount Lanayru Skyview Tower.

Launch yourself from the tower and look toward the northeast. You should try to land on the island we’ve marked on the map.

You will find a Zonai device in there that’s ready for you to use! It also has additional batteries, so you don’t need to worry about using up Energy Cells.

Hop on the device and use the controller to drive it. Keep going northeast until you reach the large circular sky island marked on the map above.

Jump off from the device and glide toward the pool on this island.

You will once again meet another Steward Construct that will provide you with another Skydiving Challenge, just like before.

This challenge can be tough due to clouds blocking the view and the tricky path. Again, you also need to complete the trial in under 35 seconds!

Complete this trial to get the final piece of the Glide Armor set. Congrats, you now have possibly the best armor set for early Tears of the Kingdom.

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