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Slime Rancher 2: All Gordo Locations in Rainbow Fields

We’ve got the locations of all the Gordos in Rainbow Fields – so you can unlock access to new areas and rewards.




The much beloved Gordo Slimes from the OG Slime Rancher are back (and bigger than ever). Gordo Slimes are incredibly important during your exploration in-game, as they can help to unlock access to various new locations/locales through teleporters, and open up areas of the world that were otherwise previously inaccessible.

In Rainbow Fields, there are 3 main Gordos you’ll need to locate in order to advance further in the game. We’ve got all the Gordo locations in Rainbow Fields for you to track down.

All Gordo Locations in Rainbow Fields – A Slime Rancher 2 Guide

The first Gordo Slime is the Phosphor Slime. See below for a more precise location as indicated on the map.

Source:Trophy Tom

To locate the Phosphor Gordo, head from The Conservatory towards the point indicated on the map by the slime. Head down the pathway once you reach there, and look for a cave. The Phosphor Gordo will be located at this cave, inside. Feed it any fruit you have on hand.

The second Gordo Slime is the Cotton Gordo Slime. See the below map for the precise location towards the far Southwest part of Rainbow Island.

Source:Trophy Tom

Once you head towards this location and continue walking south, the Gordo should be fairly easy to spot. You’ll be rewarded with access to Starlight Strand once you clear the Cotton Gordo.

The third and final Gordo of Rainbow Fields is the Pink Gordo Slime. The reward for clearing this Gordo is access to Ember Valley.

Source:Trophy Tom

Head west through Rainbow Fields from The Conservatory to locate the Pink Gordo Slime, as indicated on the map below. You’ll be able to feed this Gordo any type of food you want, such as nearby carrots – it’ll consume any

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