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Ravenlok: All Figurine Locations

Gotta dance in front of ‘em all!




There are 18 figurine locations throughout the world of Ravenlok. Dancing in front of them will collect them, and getting all 18 will unlock the Dance Master achievement.

In this guide, we’ll tell you where to find each one of these figurines so that you can complete your collection.

All Figurine Locations in Ravenlok

Source: Aberukun

Victorian House – the first figurine can be found right outside the Victorian House, sitting on a bench. This is where you pick up the Ancient Shield at the start of the game.

Funicular Station – this figurine is close to the edge of the cliff at the right of the area. It’s right next to the giant cat.

Mushroom Forest – found in one of the areas of the Mushroom Forest. It’s in front of a broken tree, it should stand out since it’s not hidden at all.

Figurine Collection – found hiding in the mushrooms left of the Figurine Collector by the Witch House.

Witch House – in the second floor of the Witch House. Take the ladder up and go over the wooden beam to find the figurine inside a cauldron. The cauldron is off, thankfully, so it won’t boil!

Deer Lake – inside a flower to the left of the large dome structure at the center of the area.

Mask Mansion 1 – enter the large lobby of the mansion and take the stairs up and to the right. Keep running toward the camera until you’re close to the entrance, the figurine is under a painting.

Mask Mansion 2 – found in the textile room. You know, the room full of textiles! It’s on the top right corner of the room, sitting in front of a mirror.

Tea Party – hidden inside one of the cups at the entrance of the area.

Halfway Point

Amon the Serpent – inside the debris that’s to the right of Amon the Serpent. It might be hard to spot unless you move the camera around.

Lily Pond – standing on the neck of a gigantic human statue. It really stands out, so it should be easy to spot.

Doryu the Dragon – to the right of Doryu the Dragon, inside some rusty-looking ruins.

Broken Mirror – on the bushes inside of the spiralling labyrinth. It’s on the left side of the outer circle.

Museum of Time 1 – on the 2nd floor, behind the large robotic statue with wings. Go up the stairs to your right and walk until you’re right behind the statue. The figurine is on the wall, hanging on a cog.

Museum of Time 2 – in the planetarium room, also found on the 2nd floor. The figurine is hanging from a rope as if it were one of the planets!

Museum of Time 3 – in the third room of the museum, as you make your way to the Greenhouse. It’s hiding in the bushes next to a slope leading to the Greenhouse.

Greenhouse – inside a tube on the left side of the Greenhouse Outskirts. It’s somewhat obscured by some green jars.

Queen’s Castle – directly left of the castle’s entrance. Go up the stairs and you should see it to your left before you enter the castle itself. That’s the last one, congrats!

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1 Comment

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    May 8, 2023 at 9:43 am

    Merci beaucoup, il m’en manquais deux a trouver pour avoir 100% des succès, et ça me rendais chèvre a les chercher, celles que j’avais loupé et pas vu c’était a côté de la hydre, le dragon dans le monde du thé, et a côté du personnage des figurines lol me ci beaucoup en tout cas 🙏👌

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