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Grounded: Where to Find Wolf Spider | Location Guide

This venomous fiend is one of the biggest threats to unprepared players.




Wolf Spiders are hostile creatures found in the Yard. You’ll recognize them because of their size and the large colored V on their abdomen.

Wolf Spider Location in Grounded

Wolf Spiders roam randomly at late afternoon and nighttime. They can be found both on the North and South sides of the Yard. Other locations where you are sure to find Wolf Spiders are:

  • 2 under the base of the Oak Tree.
  • 2 on top of the blue tarp on the Woodpile
  • 2 inside the lid in the BBQ Spill
  • 1 near the Hedge
  • 1 under the Yoked Girth Head
  • 1 under a pile of leaves south-east of a fallen Oak Branch
  • 1 under the Plank Cliff

Wolf Spiders are a very strong opponent with the ability to apply Poison to the player, so caution should be exercised when facing them, as well as good armor and weapon.

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