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Best Base Locations in Palworld

Can’t decide where to build?




Palworld allows you to build your base in any place you want, but not all locations are the best for you to build in.

You have to consider a lot of factors when choosing a location for your base. Think about the nearby resources available, how easy it is to reach, and whether or not there are any hostile Pals or humans around you.

In this guide, we’ll give you some of the best locations for you to build your base in.

Some of the Best Base Locations in Palworld

Early Game Base

Best Base Locations in Palworld - Early Base

The best base you can have in the early game is next to the waterfall northwest of the starting point.

It’s extremely easy to reach, you’re surrounded by friendly Pals, and you also have a lot of basic resources around you like Wood and Stones.

On top of that, you can also mine a lot of ore in the area, so you can start stock-piling it. Believe us, you’ll need it later!

Early Base area example

The one apparent downside is that you’re a large open area, so you might think that Raid enemies can attack you from any direction.

But, in truth, enemies will only enter your base from the north when a Raid happens. They won’t jump down the cliffs to the south, and they can’t climb from the west!

So, in reality, it’s actually pretty easy to defend. It really is a perfect place for you to start the game.

Autumn Area

Best Base Locations in Palworld - Autumn

Another great spot is the flat area in the center of the autumn-themed region, northwest of the starting point.

It’s a very unique region, being the only one with the autumn aesthetic. So, if you find the orange and red color palette pleasant, this is the best base location for looks!

Autumn Area

You also have a decent amount of resource nodes around you, such as Stones and Ores, as well as dozens of trees.

The one downside? You’re on a flat open expanse, which allows enemies to attack you from any angle during Raids.

It’s not quite as “useful” as the other bases on our list, but its unique aesthetics are hard to deny!

Fort Ruins

Best Base Locations in Palworld - Fort Ruins location

If you want to repurpose an abandoned fort for your base, just head northwest of the starting area to reach the Fort Ruins!

You can build structures to cover the holes in the fort’s walls to make the place your own. It’s very defensible because the fort’s stone walls can’t be destroyed at all by anyone.

On top of that, the area has a decent amount of gatherable resources and a good amount of friendly Pals roaming about.

Fort Ruins area

You can also expand your base here to cover both the upper and lower levels of the fort, giving you a very unique and safe place!

The downside in this case is that, as said previously, you can’t break any of the fort’s structures. This limits your ability to build and gives you less useable space than other bases.

Nonetheless, it should be more than enough for you to fit everything you might need!

The Ruined Fortress City

Best Base Locations in Palworld - Ruined Fortress location

If you love the concept of the Fort Ruins base but want something bigger, The Ruined Fortress City is here for you!

This massive city’s biggest downside is that it’s extremely far off to the west. Reaching it will take you a lot of time, and will likely require a flying Pal.

On the upside, though, you get a massive and extremely defensible area all for yourself!

Ruined Fortress City

This area would be particularly great if you’re playing co-op multiplayer. You and your friends can basically make small separate bases within the city, giving each player their place.

If nothing else, it’s definitely an extremely unique place to build!

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