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Torchlight Infinite: How to Play Oracle Thea | Debut Guide

Oracle Thea is one of six playable characters today in the Global Launch of Torchlight Infinite Open Beta.




Torchlight Infinite just Launched Globally across multiple platforms on Open Beta. Don’t let the Beta stop you from playing right now though, the game will have no character wipe at the end of the Beta stage so the progression and any in-game items you purchase will still be there once it is officially released.

Oracle Thea is one of the six playable characters in Torchlight Infinite. At first glance, she’s got good AOE skills and high survivability due to her buff siphoning abilities.

In this guide, let’s take a closer look at the newest character to come into the game, Oracle Thea in Torchlight Infinite.

Debut Guide on How to Play Oracle Thea in Torchlight Infinite

To keep things simple, we will be breaking down the topics into Passives, skills and playstyle. Torchlight infinite characters can be upgraded according to your playstyle so until we get to spend a few more days with her, we won’t be giving you any recommended builds at the moment.

Passive Skill

Her passive allows you to gain additional blessings or buffs every three seconds. This passive, together with any buffs you cast on yourself will greatly increase your stats depending on the blessing type.

In Torchlight Infinite there are three blessing categories and all buffs you learn and cast will be under each of these three types.

In case you are wondering, Thea, gains all three of these buffs in a repeating manner. So all the blessing types will be cast on her while you strengthen your buffs or eliminate enemies.

This passive is stackable up to four times and these stacks will be important when we talk about her unique skill.

Focus Blessing grants you the chance to deal double damage, Agility blessing increases your movement, cast, and attack speed and tenacity blessing are to increase survivability by damage reduction.

Unique Skill Divine Punishment

Activating her Unique ability Divine Punishment converts all of your blessings and buffs into one high Damage AOE skill. The number of stacks you have for the three blessing types will also be converted into the skill.

Each blessing consumed by divine punishment converts to additional damage for the skill. Focus blessing reflects the radius of the AOE skill, Agility blessing increases the recovery speed of divine punishment and tenacity blessing will give a big damage boost on the next skill cast after divine punishment.

Official Builds

Torchlight Infinite has posted some recommended builds for the Oracle Thea. One of these builds is the Wilting Beam build. Its main focus skill is a channeling laser beam spell that debuffs any mob it hits as well as deals damage.

Official Builds

Another alternative build is the Flame Pillar. This focuses on active AOE fire damage. It’s perfect for players who want to clear mobs easily by waiting for the mobs to come into the damage radius.

The possibilities for builds in Torchlight Infinite are endless. Characters that you pick do not define your playstyle or build in the game. For instance, you can make your berserker into a ranged damage killer or your oracle into a sword-wielding powerhouse.

If you haven’t yet, download the game and try to create your own unique build in Torchlight Infinite.

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