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Overwatch 2: How to Increase FPS & Fix Lag | Settings Guide

Overwatch 2 can tend to experience performance issues from time to time, particularly a low FPs count among others. Luckily, there’s a way to fix that.




FPS drops and frame lags are quite annoying when you play a game, especially a competitive one such as Overwatch 2. However, as the game is still in its first beta phase, performance issues like this are bound to happen until they finally optimize the game upon release.

If you’ve encountered these issues while playing the game, then we have the right fix for you.

How to Increase FPS & Fix Lag in Overwatch 2

Start Overwatch 2 then head to the Menu and go to Options. From there, navigate to Video settings. The game will set your video settings to default, but this might not be the most optimized setup. If you want to increase your FPs and fix lag, then you’ll want to change the following settings:

  • Display Mode to Fullscreen
  • Target Display to Best Match
  • Vysnc Off
  • Triple Buffering Off
  • Reduce Buffering On
  • OPTIONAL: Display Performance Stats (only turn this on if you want to see additional stats on your PC)
  • NVIDIA Reflex Enabled
  • Limit FPS Custom
  • Frame Rate Cap (set depending on your desired FPS limit, ideally around 160)
  • Graphics Quality Low
  • Render Scale 75%
  • High Quality Upsampling AMD FSR.10
  • Texture Quality Low
  • Texture Filtering Quality Low – 1X
  • Local Fog Detail Low
  • Dynamic Reflections Off
  • Shadow Detail Off
  • Model Detail Low
  • Effects Detail Low
  • Lighting Quality Low
  • Antialias Quality Low
  • Refraction Quality Low
  • Ambient Occlusion Off
  • Local Reflections Off
  • Damage FX Default

Notes to Keep in Mind

Ideally, you want to disable V-Sync, especially if you have a low refresh rate monitor. This will have a significant impact on your game’s performance if turned on. You also want to enable the Performance Stats option as it will let you monitor your current FPS as well as VRAM usage, allowing you to figure out if you’re still suffering performance issues or not.

As for the FPS limit, you can set it to a value that is above the refresh rate of your monitor but just a little bit below the maximum FPS you can possibly get. You can check the refresh rate of your monitor by right-clicking your desktop and clicking Display Settings.

Under Related Settings, click Advanced display, then scroll below and you should see an option that lets you change your monitor’s refresh rate. The current value is the current refresh rate.

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Grounded: How to Do More Damage as Wizard | Best Wizard Build

It’s not just insects and bugs that are roaming in the backyard. Wizards too!





The recent update of Grounded has added the concept of magic to the game. Aside from being teeny-tiny as ants, you can also experience being a wizard in Grounded.

If you still haven’t known yet, there are three candy staffs that are added to the game. Having this, you will be able to acquire a unique attack style. For example, the spicy staff shoots a bomb, while the sour staff shoots an electric ball, and so on, and so forth.

However, you can observe that staffs that need to charge up deal more damage if the enemy is alone, compared to when the enemies are in groups.

Having said that, it is recommended to have a strong wizard build to make your magic deal more damage.

In this guide, we will let you know what the perfect build is for the staff that you currently have.

How to Do More Damage as Wizard | Best Wizard Build in Grounded

If you want to improve your magic damage with your candy staff, equip the Wizard Hat, Black Ox Harness, and the Black Ox Legwraps to gain a quicker charge time and charge attack weaken passive skills. From seven seconds of base charge attack time, you will now only have 4 seconds of charge attack time. All thanks to your armor.

However, you can still choose to upgrade your staff in order to significantly increase your base attack damage. Plus the fact that you have also equipped the whole Wizard armor set, you will not easily receive damage from enemies from now on.

Having this Wizard build set does not just improve your damage but also makes you a tough character. When combined together, you will be able to have medium armor.

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