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No Man’s Sky: How To Get The Best S Class Freighter

The S-Class Freighters are one of the rarest to find in No Man’s Sky; getting your hands on one requires a lot of patience.




All ships and multi-tools are categorized by class in No Man’s Sky, which decides the number of slots and bonus multipliers they can have. The S-Class is the best you can get. They are very expensive and require a lot of time, as they are pretty rare to find. If you want to own an S-Class Freighter, make sure you have the money to purchase the ship.

How to Get The Best S Class Freighter in No Man’s Sky

Although there are a lot of ways to get an S-Class freighter, most of them are random. There is actually no guarantee you will be able to find one.

You can usually encounter Freighters in space battles or Freighter battles. Fortunately, there is a way to make your S-Class Freighter easier to get.

Getting an S-Class Freighter

Among the many tutorials posted on the internet, the best and most efficient way to get an S-Class Freighter still requires you a lot of time. But, don’t worry we’ll our guide guarantees that you will encounter one.

To get one, simply follow the steps below:

Get 3 hours of actual playtime. You can also just find a safe spot and do other things. But just be sure you come back to move the mouse from time to time. This way, the system thinks you’re actually playing.

Warp 5 times, heading into the Space Station each time, and exit to AutoSave.

The next time you Warp, a Freighter battle will be guaranteed. This Freighter will be an S-Class or at least an A. If you don’t like Freigher’s look, go ahead and reload your AutoSave. Keep repeating the process until you get the S-Class Freighter that you want.

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How To

Genshin Impact: How to Operate Prism of Khaj-Nisut

Don’t get stuck and reach Khaj-Nitsu upper floor.





Operating the Prism of Khaj-Nisut is a quest objective part of the Dreams Beneath the Searing Sand quest, which in turn is part of the Golden Slumber questline. After beating the three trials in Khaj-Nisut, you’ll be asked to find your way there, enter its main structure, and explore the lower floor.

You’ll eventually come to the upper one, and there a puzzle awaits you. Let this guide teach you how to Operate Prism of Khaj-Nitsu and reach the floor.

How to Operate Prism of Khaj-Nisut in Genshin Impact

Getting to the Prism

After you’re done exploring the lower floor and your objective changes to Operate Prism of Khaj-Nitsu, return to the main hall of the structure and look around for an updraft.

Image Credit: ZaFrostPet

The updraft will take you to a series of floating platforms. Ignore them and focus on the two Four-Leaf Sigils visible from the highest point of the updraft, as using them in succession will leave you in front of the Prism.

It’s red colored and in the center of a platform that is also in the center of everything else.

The puzzle has you change and operate the Prism to move the platforms in a way that they aren’t interrupting any Primal Beam. Doing so without understanding can just worsen the puzzle and make it more complicated.

There’s more than one solution to this puzzle, but to avoid the hassle use the shortest one we provide for you:

  • Operate
  • Switch (The Prism will turn blue)
  • Operate
  • Operate

When the deed is done a mechanism will appear. Use the Four-Leaf Sigil close to it to stick to the wall and Start Up the mechanism.

A short scene triggers showing you an elevator. Walk to the center of the platform-elevator and Activate it to reach the upper floor. You’re done here.

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