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New World: How to Level Fishing Quickly

Fishing is one of the many trade skills you can learn in New World. It’s a pretty lucrative one, but if you’re aiming to make huge profits, you’ll want to level up your fishing skill as soon as possible.




Apart from catching rare fish which you can then sell for profit, there are two main reasons why you want to level up your fishing skill as quickly as possible. First is that doing so will allow you to unlock the ability which allows you to discover various hotspots throughout the map.

Second is that the higher your fishing skill level, the farther your cast distance will be. If you’re wondering how to level up your fishing skill quickly, then you’re on the right page.

How to Level Fishing Quickly in New World

Assuming you already know the basics of fishing in New World, let’s get straight to the actual tip itself.

To level up your fishing skill quickly, what you want to do is to look for a cozy two-star fishing hotspot. Once you find one, simply fish in it for as long as you want until you can see your fishing skill level going up like crazy. Of course, to make it even faster, make sure to use rarity-boosting baits and gear that can affect the size or rarity of your catch.

The reason this works is simple. The amount of experience you gain when fishing is affected by two factors: fish rarity and size. Since this method takes advantage of catching fish that has both variables, gaining massive amounts of experience is pretty easy.

Now, you might be wondering why go for a 2-star hotspot when there are 1 or 3-star hotspots out there? Well, it’s because 3-star hotspots only contain around 10 rare fish, each of which takes around 40 minutes to respawn. Meanwhile, 2-star hotspots will have around 15-25 fish of uncommon quality and above, each taking around 30 minutes to respawn.

In the long run, this can quickly add up. For example, if you spend 5 hours following this method at a 3-star hotspot, you’ll likely get around 8 pool respawns throughout the duration you spent fishing. This means catching around 64-80 rare items giving around 175 experience each. As such, you’ll be getting somewhere around 11,000 to 16,000 experience.

However, if you use the same method but on a 2-star hotspot, you’ll get approximately 10 pool respawns. This means throughout the duration, you can catch around 150-250 fish. Now let’s assume that 70% of your catch are uncommon while the rest are rare.

Each fish will net you 105 experience for the uncommon and 175 for the rare. This means you’ll be getting around 24,000 to 39,000 experience throughout the 5 hours you spent fishing using this method.

So with this, we can conclude that the fastest way to level up your fishing skill is fishing on 2-star hotspots as you’ll be walking with up to 25% more experience than you would when fishing from a 3-star variant.

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