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Madden NFL 23: How to Get Beta Codes

Madden NFL 23 is a new version of an American football game and is only available in Beta mode. This upgrade sports an all-new feature called Fieldsense.




This Gameplay System lays the groundwork for consistent, hyper gameplay and gives players more control at all locations and modes. Unfortunately, this feature is available only on the Playstation5 and Xbox Series X|S models. This also affects the availability of the beta codes.

How to Get the Beta Codes- Madden NFL 23

Beta codes allow a player access the Beta version of the game. The Beta codes are sensitive to the interfaces being used, meaning that only a PS5 Beta code works for a PS5.


First, the player should head towards the EA help website and log in to their account with EA; the player needs to log in from a pre-existing account.

Step 2

Go to EA Help, select help with game, and select Madden 23.

Step 3

Scroll to the bottom, click on the Contact Us button, and click on what platform you use; PS 5 or Xbox new generations, as older ones do not work.

Step 4

Click on the part that says Code and Promotions and then choose Invalid Code below, copy in a valid Beta code for your platform. It doesn’t matter if it’s used, as this is just a complaint.

You would then be given a flyer where you place in bio-data information and description that the emailed code did not work and title it as Beta Code did not work.

Step 5

After which you would be given a beta representative, after which a series of questions would be asked, and your reply should align with the facts:

  • Your code came from the EA company.
  • The code did not work.

And send in the used but valid code the player uses to apply for a new code.

If the representative is not responsive or positive, log out and re-apply until you find one.

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