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LEGO Star Wars The Skywalker Saga: How to Enable Co-Op

LEGO Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga features an online multiplayer co-op so you can play with your friends. Here’s how you can do it.




The world of LEGO Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga is vast, and without someone to play it with, exploring all 24 planets in the game can get empty and make you feel lonely quickly. Luckily, the game allows you to play couch co-op with another player on a split-screen.

But what if that other player is from a separate household, or from another area entirely? Well, you have the option of playing it co-op online, though the steps involved aren’t what you’d typically do in games like League of Legends or just about any multiplayer game.

It just so happens we have several alternatives for that. Let’s explore your options below.

How to Enable Co-Op in LEGO Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga

The following alternatives will vary depending on which system you’re playing. Let’s get started.

Steam RemotePlay

If you’re playing the game on PC via Steam, you’ll be able to invite another player to play with you via Remote Play. With Remote Play, your friends don’t even need to own the game; you just have to run the game, send them an invite, and start playing.

Do take note, however, that the game doesn’t have online co-op functionality, so you’ll have to play on a split screen the same you would play the game with someone in couch coop.

PS5 SharePlay

Another option is through the use of the SharePlay feature which is available in PS5. It works the same way as Steam’s RemotePlay, except of course that it’s only for players who own a PS5. You can also use this feature to invite a PS4 console player.

To do this, simply press the PS5 button. This will take you to the control centre. After that, select party voice chat card, pick the Start Share Play option, then invite a player. You can then select the Share Play  mode, and co-op will then start as soon as the other player joins.

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FIFA 23: Most Effective Skills to Use in a Game | Become a Pro

What are the best skills to use in FIFA 23





Players in FIFA love to use skills in the game. It is a way of showing off, letting your opponent know that you know your stuff, and of course it brings so much fun. This is a list of the best skills that will improve your game.

Most Effective Skills to use in a game in FIFA 23

Heel to Ball Roll

A new and very effective is the newly incorporated heel to ball roll. To perform the skill, you will need a player with 4 stars skills or better.

To use it press and hold L1 or LB and flick the right stick in front of the player and towards the back of the player. You can flick the left stick left or right to dictate the direction of the skill.

Ball Roll

The classic skill, the ball roll is very effective, and it opens the space for a pass or a shot. It is used consistently by pro players. To do it you need to flick and hold the right stick to the right or left of the player.


Next up is the elastico or reverse elastico. It can be used with players with 5-star skills. To be performed you need to do a half spin with the right stick in a reverse direction to the player, or in counter direction for the reverse elastico. It is efficient everywhere throughout the pitch.

A really good skill is the step over which is a very good skill to do. It is done by moving the right stick to the front and then to the right of the player. It is very important to get the speed boost after the step over.

Agile Dribbling

Finally, we have agile dribbling. It is good when you use a small agile player, and when you are being pressed by the opponent. It creates time and angle to get rid of the ball. Use a press and hold R1 or RB and move the left stick to the back left or right on the controller.

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