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How to Solve Wind Temple Locks Puzzles – Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom

Activate all five locks in the temple to progress the quest and fight Colgera.




The Wind Temple is a massive flying ship that you have to infiltrate as part of the Tulin of Rito Village quest.

Tulin will accompany you throughout the quest, and he will be instrumental to the quest as his wind attacks will help open the mechanisms.

It’s a fairly long quest, and this guide will help you complete it by solving the locks in the temple. Let’s get started.

Solutions to the Wind Temple Locks Puzzles in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom

Source: Game Guides Channel

Before you proceed, make sure to bring some cold resistance potions or wear armor with cold resistance as the surroundings in the temple are quite cold, except for the interiors.

Start at the first floor of the Wind Temple as shown in the image above. Then, turn left and jump off the edge of the ship.

Source: Game Guides Channel

You want to make your way to the icy bottom part of the ship. Shortly after, you’ll find an opening that will take you to a platform underneath the ship.

This is where your first turbine is. From this point onward, you need to activate five of these turbines which, in turn, will activate the locks at the top of the ship.

First Lock

Source: Game Guides Channel

The area containing the first turbine will have a Construct guarding it. Make sure to take care of the enemy before you proceed to activate the lock.

To solve this, all you have to do is approach Tulin and activate his Gust ability. Then, face the turbine and use the Gust ability on it.

It will cause the turbine to start spinning, and a brief cutscene will play showing that one of the locks has been opened.

The cutscene shows a total of six locks, with one already opened and the other one opening just recently. This means there are four more that you need to solve.

Second Lock

From the first turbine, turn right and jump over the ledge right in front of the glowing orb. Once you make it across, walk up the stairs then use your Ascend ability in the middle.

Once you reach the surface, you’ll then be in the room containing the second turbine. However, it’s locked behind an iron gate, and you need to solve the ice spikes puzzle outside.

You’ll notice a bunch of ice spikes with two broken levers to the left and right side of the room. Use your Ultrahand to grab an ice spike and attach it to the lever on the right side next to the turbine room.

After attaching the ice spike, turn it all the way to the left to open the gate to the turbine room. Same as before, use Tulin’s Gust ability to activate the turbine and open the second lock.

Third Lock

Now, head to the lever on the left side and turn it to the left to open the nearby gate. Since it’s not broken, you don’t need to attach a spike to it.

An enemy Construct will be waiting inside. Take it down then loot the Flame-Emitter Spitter that it drops – it will come in handy later.

Head back outside and go all the way to the edge of the ship.

Jump off the edge and go past the huge cannon. Just slightly ahead of it is an entrance that’s blocked by icicles. Destroy them using the weapon you picked up earlier.

Go through the entrance the clear the room of enemies.

To the right is a huge rotating mechanism. Use your Recall ability to rewind the mechanism and reverse the direction of its rotation.

Ride on top of the rotating mechanism to take you to the room behind it. Make sure to clear the room of enemy Constructs.

On the corner of the room are massive rotating gears. However, one of them is disconnected.

For this, you want to drop your Spear and use your Ultrahand to connect the disconnected gear to the other working gears using the weapon.

This will allow the disconnected gear to function once again. Shortly after, the gate to the right will open, revealing the third turbine inside.

Activate it using Tulin’s ability to open the third lock.

Fourth Lock

Go outside the turbine room then use your Ascend ability to return to the upper level where the second turbine is.

Head to the middle where you’ll see a massive circle with gusts of wind coming out of it. Ride the wind using your glider then land on the tallest platform up ahead.

You’ll notice that these are two large hatch doors. Use your Ultrahand ability to open one of the doors then drop all the way down, all while avoiding the lasers.

Make sure to stick close to the upper wall so you can land on the room containing the fourth turbine.

Activate the turbine as usual to open the fifth lock.

Fifth Lock

Go back up by riding the wind using your glider. Then, jump off the ship on the right side to get back to where you found the first turbine.

It’s directly under the massive cannon on the right.

Next, jump over the ledge in front of the glowing orb, but this time, instead of going to the surface using Ascend, climb up the ladder up ahead.

Turn to the left to see huge blocks of ice on the walls. Clear enemies in the area as you go. Then, climb up the pillar on the left right next to the ice wall and use your glider to get to the other side.

Climb up the stairs then use your Ascend halfway through to get to the upper level.

You’ll notice a large stone slab lying on the ground right next to the brazier on the right. Grab it using your Ultrahand then attach it to the hanging rod to your left.

Use Tulin’s Gust ability on the stone slab you just attached to open the gate nearby. Climb up the ladder afterward.

Take care of the enemy then activate the final turbine. With all five locks open, head outside and interact with the Zonai terminal to open the hatch to start the boss fight.

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