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Kamizun Shrine Puzzle Solution – Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom

Are you worthy enough for the challenge? Prove it in this shrine.




The Kamizun Shrine features a proving ground where you have to defeat a group of enemies in order to complete.

You’ll be given starter weapons as soon as you enter the shrine, and they’re the ones you’ll be using throughout the trial. You also start with no armor on, making it a bit more challenging.

In this guide, we’ll show you how to make the entire trial a lot easier.

How to Solve the Kamizun Shrine Puzzle in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom

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The proving grounds in Kamizun Shrine are more of a trial instead of a puzzle. As mentioned, you have to defeat a group of enemies so you can make your way to the end for your reward.

To start, you want to make your way to the shrine’s entrance west of the Forest of Spirits in Central Hyrule.

Source: Game Guides Channel

Examine the sigil in front of the huge boulder to unlock a portal that will take you to the shrine. As soon as you get inside, you’ll notice that Link no longer has his armor and the other gear.

You want to head up ahead and pick up the weapons on the rack nearby.

Source: Game Guides Channel

With all of the weapons equipped, move forward to encounter four Constructs guarding the place. You want to position yourself in a spot that lets you snipe the Construct to the far right with ease.

Do your best to take it out as quickly as possible before the other Constructs start charging toward you.

Once the other Constructs are getting close, run toward the pedestal to pick up the Long Stick. Afterward, fuse it with the Spiked Iron Ball on the pedestal.

You now have a powerful mace that you can use to take down all of the Constructs in the area. Just make sure to take them down one by one.

After clearing the area, your equipment will be returned to you. The locked door up ahead will open as well.

Simply go through it to find a chest that you can loot for a Spring Shield. Also, examine the sigil up ahead to obtain a Light of Blessing.

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