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How to Destroy the 3 Fallen Idols in Diablo 4

Can’t figure out what to do with these Fallen Idols? Let us help you.




When exploring dungeons in Diablo 4, you might be tasked with the “Destroy the Fallen Idols” objective. These idols generally come in sets of three.

Mind you, Diablo 4 has some randomization to its dungeons, which might include objectives at times. You should be ready in case you get this particular objective randomly!

Now, continue reading and we’ll tell you everything you need to know to destroy every Fallen Idol you find!

How to Complete the “Destroy the Fallen Idols” Objective in Diablo 4

Source: Dvalin

The first step to destroying the Fallen Idols is to find them, as you might expect.

Dungeons and objectives both have some randomization to them. As such, we sadly can’t provide exact directions to the location of each idol.

To make finding them easier, they will appear on your mini-map with a small white skull icon. Keep an eye on the map. The icon appears even when you haven’t uncovered the part of the dungeon it’s in.

Source: Dvalin

Each idol is usually in its own large room, so you will need to explore dungeons thoroughly to find them!

Once you’ve found a Fallen Idol, simply start breaking it with your attacks. You can see its health when you hover your cursor above it.

Of course, it’s not just that simple! Be ready for a fight when attacking the idols. Enemies will constantly spawn to attack you and protect the idol.

Carefully manage the enemies, taking them down while also dealing damage to the idol. It will collapse once it has taken enough damage. Finish dealing with the enemies as well and you’re done!

You will just need to repeat this process for every Fallen Idol in the dungeon to complete the objective.

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