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Apex Legends: How to Get ANY Heirloom Fast

Heirloom always looks cool on your Legends. Here’s how to get one.




Due to their extreme rarity, heirlooms are among the most sought-after artifacts which makes cosmetic goods a wonderful method for most players to personalize their gaming experience.

How to Get Any Heirloom Fast and Free- Apex Legends

Heirloom items are rarely available for direct purchase, therefore they’ll almost always have to be made with heirloom shards. We’ve got you covered if you’re wondering how to gather these shards and make an heirloom for your favorite legend.

How to Get Free Heirloom Free?

The sole alternative for players who do not want to invest any money in the game is to play the game. Apex packets are obtained naturally throughout gameplay through quests and level awards, and each pack has a chance to include an heirloom.

How to Get Heirloom Fast?

Although the leveling system is based on user performance and gaming, there are a few things you can do to increase your EXP and earn new Apex Packs faster:

The first way to earn more EXP is to kill the champion or enter the match as the champion. Asides from the fact that winning a game gives you even more points, achieving the top five in a match, could earn you much more.

Another way is gaining kills; More EXP is earned by surviving longer, but gaining kills and dealing with damage also earns you more.

Consider the balance between how long you go without action and obtaining a few kills quickly, since surviving in-game doesn’t matter as much (since you can always queue up for another game pretty quickly). In a match, each kill is worth about 17 seconds of survival.

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How To

Grounded: How to Do More Damage as Wizard | Best Wizard Build

It’s not just insects and bugs that are roaming in the backyard. Wizards too!





The recent update of Grounded has added the concept of magic to the game. Aside from being teeny-tiny as ants, you can also experience being a wizard in Grounded.

If you still haven’t known yet, there are three candy staffs that are added to the game. Having this, you will be able to acquire a unique attack style. For example, the spicy staff shoots a bomb, while the sour staff shoots an electric ball, and so on, and so forth.

However, you can observe that staffs that need to charge up deal more damage if the enemy is alone, compared to when the enemies are in groups.

Having said that, it is recommended to have a strong wizard build to make your magic deal more damage.

In this guide, we will let you know what the perfect build is for the staff that you currently have.

How to Do More Damage as Wizard | Best Wizard Build in Grounded

If you want to improve your magic damage with your candy staff, equip the Wizard Hat, Black Ox Harness, and the Black Ox Legwraps to gain a quicker charge time and charge attack weaken passive skills. From seven seconds of base charge attack time, you will now only have 4 seconds of charge attack time. All thanks to your armor.

However, you can still choose to upgrade your staff in order to significantly increase your base attack damage. Plus the fact that you have also equipped the whole Wizard armor set, you will not easily receive damage from enemies from now on.

Having this Wizard build set does not just improve your damage but also makes you a tough character. When combined together, you will be able to have medium armor.

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