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Wartales: All Profession Bonuses

All is fair in love and war, especially if you give your characters boosts through profession bonuses in Wartales!

Iris Ruiz



Whether you want a tank that cooks well or a fleet-footed thief, it’s endless fun to experiment with the best builds for your allies in this resource-management game. But what about the best professions for each job?

All Profession Bonuses – Wartales

There’s no set way to build your troops in this game, but it wouldn’t hurt to take advantage of the profession stat bonuses when deciding which of your warriors would take a certain profession. Here are all the profession bonuses you would need to consider while playing the game!

  • Tinkerer: Critical Hit 5%

Would be good for hard-hitting classes, the Tinkerer has the biggest crit increase among all the professions

  • Blacksmith: Strength +3

Offers a lot of use as it would be your primary maker of armors and weapons. Make sure to use the sweet strength bonus wisely!

  • Cook: Constitution +6

Working the kitchen and making sure everyone is fed properly might have entailed some heavy-lifting as Cooks in Wartales can take a beating. Giving this profession to a tank would be optimal

  • Alchemist: Dexterity +3

Good for Archers and any job that requires swiftness and extra dodge!

  • Scholar: Willpower +1

Added bonus of being particularly useful during puzzle runs!

  • Thief: Dexterity +2, Critical Hit +3%

Probably the most useful profession when it comes to progression, make sure to have an early-game thief to make the most out of your runs!

  • Miner: Constitution +4, Strength + 2

A good alternative for tanks if you don’t want another cook. Miners can also bring you metals and other ingredients to be forged for your supplies.

  • Angler: Willpower +1, Critical Hit +2%

You didn’t choose the fishing life, the fishing life chose you. Who can say no to fresh fish?

That’s all there is to it! Of course, it will be fun to mix and match the bonuses, but I hope this helps you with deciding on how to optimize the stats for your team!

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