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Unearthly Marvel Puzzle Solution in Storage Zone – Honkai Star Rail

Turn all the panels on at once to get access to a bountiful treasure chest!




The Unearthly Marvel puzzle is one of the many puzzles you can encounter as you explore Honkai: Star Rail’s many locations.

Specifically, you will find this puzzle in the Storage Zone of the Herta Space Station and it requires you to fully activate a lucent passageway.

In this short guide, we’ll tell you how to find and complete this puzzle so that you can get access to a treasure chest!

How to Solve the Unearthly Marvel Puzzle in the Storage Zone in Honkai: Star Rail

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This puzzle is found at the very top of the Storage Zone in the Herta Space Station, as we previously mentioned. Do note that there are enemies in parts of the area as you make your way to the top floor!

Once you’re at the top floor, head to the jigsaw icon on your map. You will find a floating white square, stand on it and investigate it to start the puzzle.

This puzzle involves 6 panel platforms you step on and 2 portals that you can use to teleport. Additionally, the platforms you step on will light up.

You have to light up all platforms at the same time while making sure that the last one is the middle one that connects to where the chest is.

To accomplish it, step on the first platform in front of you. Walk to the platform to your left, then walk up to the platform with the portal.

You will now be on the bottom right platform, which will also light up as you come out of the portal.

Lastly, just step on the top right platform and then onto the top middle platform. All platforms will be lit up and the challenge will instantly complete, giving you access to a chest!

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