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The Planet Crafter: Crashed Remnants Locations and Loot

Crashed remnants can be found and looted in The Planet Crafter. Here’s all their locations and a general idea of what to expect as loot.




The world of The Planet Crafter has many wreckages loaded with resources for you to find. You’ll undoubtedly come upon some of them naturally, but we’ll tell you of all their current locations so you can loot every one of them.

Crashed Remnants Locations and Loot in The Planet Crafter

Crashed Remnants Locations and Loot in The Planet Crafter

Currently in The Planet Crafter, there’s a series of preset crashed remnants to find. Also known as wrecks, these remnants generally hold a large number of resources. Things like plant and vegetable seeds can mostly be found from these wreckages, too. However, the loot you find is randomized, though the locations of the wreckages are always the same. Of course, this might change further in the game’s development.

For the purpose of locating the remnants, we will be using the in-game coordinate system. Notice on the bottom left corner of your screen that there’s a set of 5 numbers. These numbers are coordinates for your current location. We will only need to use the first 3 set of numbers for this, however.

Wreckages should be pretty easy to locate, as they are fairly noticeable when you’re near them. This is the list of wreckages currently in the game and their approximate coordinates:

  • Crashed Freighter – 392:142:923
  • Crashed Cruiser – 1151:54:641
  • Crashed Space Station – 1566:50:474
  • Crashed Shuttle – 950:46:14
  • Abandoned Freight Containers – 487:47:-163
  • Crashed Battleship – 1552:17:1296

Recommendations and a Note About Loot

You’ll really want to check the freighter and battleship the most. The freighter is easy to reach pretty early on, as it’s not too far from your starting point and has a good number of resources. On the other hand, the battleship is simply massive and has a lot of loot to find. The shuttle has the least amount of loot to find, so it shouldn’t be a high priority for you.

While the loot is randomized every time, you’re bound to find many plant and vegetable seeds. On top of that, you’re likely to find lots of resources such as iron, aluminum, and the like. Definitely worth checking wreckages ASAP.


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