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Super People: Optimization Guide | How to Increase FPS?

Getting proper performance is always mandatory in competitive games such as Super People. This guide will help you further optimize the game and get better FPS.




There are a variety of things you can do to improve your FPS in games nowadays. Primarily, changing graphical settings while in-game can always give you huge boosts to performance at the cost of some graphical fidelity. But which settings specifically do you want to look for? This guide will help you optimize Super People better.

Keep Windows and your Drivers Updated

This is a basic tip, but one that’s worth keeping in mind. Make sure you keep both Windows and your GPU’s drivers updated. Updating Windows is fairly simple, you just have to launch Windows Update and follow the instructions. Generally, it should keep you up to date automatically. As for your GPU drivers, you can check your vendor’s website. Alternatively, Nvidia’s GeForce Experience and AMD’s Radeon Software should both notify you of any updates and download them.

Ensure Windows is Using your GPU

For this one, you first want to locate Super People’s install folder. To do this, just right click on the game in your Steam library, click on Manage and then click on Browse Local Files. This should open a folder with the game in it. Now click on the address bar and copy the address. Now, in your search bar you want to type “graphics” and click on “Graphics settings”.

In Graphics settings you want to make sure that hardware-accelerated GPU scheduling is On, if available. Then find “Graphics performance preference” and set it to desktop app. Now, click on the Browse button. A new window will pop up. You should just click on the address bar in this window and paste the address you copied before to go right to Super People’s folder. Now click on a file that starts with “BravoHotelClient-Win64”, which is the game’s executable. Click on add. Finally, you just have to scroll down, find “SUPER PEOPLE” in the list, click on Options and pick High Performance. Save your changes and you’re done.

This is primarily for laptops, as they sometimes default to using the weaker integrated graphics instead of a proper GPU, but it might help on desktops too.

Change Display Settings In-Game

Now you will want to launch the game. There are a variety of settings here, but we’ll mostly go over the ones that affect performance most.

You’ll want to make sure the game is set to display in Fullscreen, as this can give a performance boost. FPS limit should be set to 60fps for the lobby, but the Maximum Frame Rate Limit should preferably be set to unlimited.

Now you’ll want to set the overall graphics quality to at least Medium. This is going to depend on your PC however, but Medium is a pretty decent middle point. If you want higher FPS, you can set this lower. If, on the other hand, the game already runs well for you, you can set it to High for better graphics.

If you want to go into more detail, however, some of the settings affect performance more than others. These are the first individual settings you should try turning down to improve your FPS: Shadows, View Distance, Foliage, Effects, Shader, Anti-Aliasing and Post-Processing. You also want to disable Depth of Field entirely. This mostly means that Textures is the one setting that has very little impact on your performance. Also worth noting is that View Distance only affects objects and not other players, so there’s no disadvantage for lowering it.

Finally, there’s the Resolution Scaling options. Which one of these you can use is dependent on your GPU. For most GPUs, AMD FidelityFX SR is the only option. This scales your resolution dynamically to maintain better performance without completely sacrificing image quality.

You can play around with the setting, but for best performance you obviously want to set it to Ultra Performance. Newer Nvidia cards, however, also have Nvidia DLSS at their disposal. DLSS functions somewhat similar to FidelityFX, but it has much better performance. If your GPU can use it, you have no reason to keep this disabled.

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