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Splatoon 3: Gear Farming Guide

Get the perfect gear for you and dominate the game.




Splatoon 3, one of the most anticipated games this year, was just released. There are new maps, new story quests, new weapons, and more. Similar with the other Splatoon games, you need strong gear that comes with abilities, and we are going to show you how to farm the best gear for you.

Gear Farming Guide in Splatoon 3

Gear is the headgear, clothing, and shoes combined for your character to wear in Splatoon 3. It can either be an Inkling or Octoling, depending on what you picked. These gears have various abilities that can help you in battle. There are brands for each piece of gear, and there are 20 brands present in Splatoon 3.

Obtaining the Best Gear

You can obtain gear in Splatoon 3 at the shop, amiibo, or from Murch.

You can directly upgrade your gear at the shop. Upgrading its star level unlocks a slot. If you go to Murch, you can boost Star Power using Sea Urchins, and add abilities with the use of chunks. If you want to obtain chunks, you can get them by playing the game normally.

You can also scrub gears, and reroll slots from Murch. If you do not want the ability in your gear, you can either scrub your gear or reroll it. Another way of getting scrubs is by going to the lobby and buying a drink from the Staff that looks like a Goldfish.

The best way to get chunks is by playing Salmon Run and obtain the green capsule reward. You can check the number of Ability Chunks you have by going to the Menu, selecting Player Information, then selecting Gear Abilities.

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