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Slime Rancher 2: Strange Diamond Location Guide

Strange Diamonds are among the rarest and most difficult of resources to obtain in the game. We’ll tell you where to locate them in Slime Rancher 2




While there is no one specific region or location to which Strange Diamonds are confined to, they are exceeding rare.

Newer players to Slime Rancher 2, or those looking to locate Strange Diamonds for crafting items like the Azure Glowing Shroom, look no further than our ‘Strange Diamond Location Guide’.

It is important to note that you will need to have upgraded the VacPack with the Resource Harvester to be able to successfully obtain Strange Diamond from the environment. If you already have the Resource Harvester upgrade and cannot mine them once you’ve located one, simply restart the game and revisit the location.

While the locations in this guide are frequented by players, the spawn for these diamonds are random, and this only acts as a cursory guide on parts of the map that may be more likely to contain them.

Strange Diamond Location Guide – Where to Find Strange Diamonds in Slime Rancher 2

Strange Diamonds have been located by players in the regions of Rainbow Fields, Ember Valley, and Starlight Strand.

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As a more uncommon mineral resource, you’re much more likely to come across these inside caves or tunnels within these areas.

One location that seems to have plenty of success among players is within Ember Valley – towards the end of that region, you’ll notice a Boom Gordo Slime blocking an entryway to a cave. If you feed it the correct food type (meat), and clear the entranceway, there’s a chance you can find Strange Diamond from within one of the pods inside.

Starlight Strand is another popular region among players for sourcing Strange Diamond. Given that there’s plenty of caves within this area, it makes sense to have better odds. Players make note of two locations within Starlight Strand. One is a cave in the southern side of the region (far south) that can be accessed through a hole in the outer opening.

The second area is a cave location containing an Angler Gordo guard.

Other Strange Diamond locations exist within Rainbow Fields – perhaps the most heavily explored area within the game.

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Players report finding Strange Diamond within multiple caves across Rainbow Fields. One of these caves is the location of the Phosphor Gordo, which blocks the cave’s entry. Feeding this Gordo fruit until it combusts and clears the entry can lead you into a cave that appears to yield two Strange Diamond. 

You’ll want to keep an eye out for any cave location you come across, as it may potentially harbor Strange Diamond. This seems especially true for any which are blocked by Gordo Slime.

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