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Roboquest: How to Get All Power Crystals

It’s a lot of work, but it will be worth it!

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Roboquest: How to Get All Power Crystals Featured Image

Roboquest is finally out of early access, and it features some thrilling fast-paced roguelike FPS action. In the game, there are secret power crystals that you can collect in order to make the final level much easier through varying means. Here is a quick guide on how to get all of them!

Credits to Haderaxe for figuring out how to unlock all of them.

How to Get All Power Crystals

The power crystals were added with the official release of the game, and each of them have their own special buff for the final level and boss fight.

They are worth getting if you want to clear the final level with ease, and you should definitely try to grab all of them if you can.

Purple Power Crystal

The first step in getting the purple power crystal is that you have to make your way through the Ruins path. Here, you will find a secret room guarded by a series of lasers, which you can deactivate by pressing four buttons.

First Button

The first button is on top of a dilapidated truck directly in front of the blocked tunnel itself. It’s the least hidden of the bunch and you should be able to reach it easily after clearing any nearby enemies.

Roboquest first button

Second Button

The second button is right above the tunnel, hidden beside a bush and another rusty truck. It is almost directly above from the previous one.

Roboquest second button

Third Button

The third button is just opposite of the previous one, still above the tunnel itself. It is hidden in plain sight under a billboard.

Roboquest third button

Fourth Button

The fourth and final button can be found inside the actual tunnel, somewhere around the middle. You will have to deactivate some of the lasers first to reach it.

Roboquest final button

After getting through the lasers, you will be able to grab the Tech Room Key, which you will need to open a room in the Fields level.

Roboquest tech room key

There is also a dead robot here with a data log, and it will spawn with an upgrade instead in future runs after you grab it.

Through this room, you can enter the Scrapyard. At the end of this level, you will face a special boss fight against a Gang of Elites. Upon beating them, you can grab the first power crystal.

Roboquest purple power crystal

Red Power Crystal

For the next one, you will need access to the Quarry. The key to it can be found in the Fields checkpoint, which will require the key you got from earlier.

Roboquest quarry key

Once you gain access to the Quarry path, which can be found in the Canyon checkpoint, you will have to take note of a number beside the door.

Roboquest quarry code

Make your way through the quarry until you reach the orange part of the minimap. Here, you will find a keypad where you have to enter the three-digit code from earlier.

Inside this location, you get a free level, a data log, and a Shovel. Above, you’ll also notice a door that you can only access if you have the Recon class, as you will need to blink your way across.

Roboquest unreachable door

Once you get through this obstacle, you will enter a location known as The Pit. At the end, you will find the cinema ticket and a boss. After finishing off the boss, you will be able to grab the red power crystal.

Roboquest red power crystal

Teal Power Crystal

For the next power crystal, you need to return to where you got the quarry key from earlier. With 25 power cells in tow, you can open the next door to enter the Doom Gardens.

This is a timed area where you have to reach the end before the bar on the top runs out. After you make it to the final area of the Doom Gardens within the time limit, you will be able to grab the teal power crystal.

Roboquest teal power crystal

Yellow Power Crystal

In the next area after the Doom Gardens, you will be able to grab the Tech Lab Key right on the ground. You will need this for later.

Roboquest tech lab key

At the energy center, you can use the tech lab key to open a door in the checkpoint. Here, you will find the Fusion Core Key, which requires 9 power cells to purchase.

Once you buy the key, you’ll have to loop again to reach the actual Fusion Core location through the Aqua Station.

Roboquest fusion core entrance

In the Fusion Core, there is an optional obstacle course in the checkpoint that will get you Randy’s Nose. It isn’t necessary for this guide, though you should try and grab it if you can.

Now, at the end of the level, you will face another boss called Duke Nuker. Upon defeating him, you can freely grab the yellow power crystal.

Roboquest yellow power crystal

Blue Power Crystal

For the blue power crystal, you will need to rush through the Canyon and Oasis areas. You have three minutes from the start of a run to reach the Oasis checkpoint to enter the door to the area you need to reach.

Roboquest rift entrance

If you make it in time, you will be faced with another speed trial in a location known as The Rift. There will be yellow orbs that speed you up here, so try to grab as many as you can while you navigate through the level.

At the end of the level, you will have to defuse a bomb. This will take a few seconds, so make sure that you have some time left when you reach it. After that, you can then grab the blue power crystal.

Roboquest blue power crystal

Green Power Crystal

For the final crystal, you need to reach the Waste Station. To do this, you will need to find a portal that will randomly spawn in a purple zone in the minimap.

You can also reach this through a secret spot in the Aqua Station. You can only reach this area if you travel through the Quarry path. It is in an elevated area right before the entrance to the checkpoint.

Roboquest waste station entrance

At the Waste Station, you can grab the Stadium Ticket. Just like in the Doom Gardens, you will also need to rush to the end of this level to get the crystal.

At the end of the map, there is a bomb that you have to defuse just like in the previous crystal. After completing this level, you can then grab the green power crystal.

Roboquest green power crystal

Grappling Hook

Now that you have all the power crystals, there is one last extra thing that you can do with all of them unlocked.

Back in the Haven 8 region, make your way to the orange zone in the minimap. Here, you can now enter the Botcave, which will contain the incredibly useful grappling hook gadget.

Roboquest grappling hook

And that’s all you need to know in order to get all of the power crystals in the game. It makes the final area and boss fight much easier, but getting them requires a ton of work!

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