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Roboquest: How to Get Chromatic Cell | Unlocking Elementalist

How do you get the Elementalist class?

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Roboquest: How to Get Chromatic Cell | Unlocking Elementalist Featured Image

Roboquest has recently gotten out of early access, and it is a fast-paced roguelike shooter wherein you play as one of several robot classes. Among these classes is the Elementalist, which requires a bit of work to actually unlock and play as. Here is a quick guide on how to get it!

How to Get Chromatic Cell | Unlocking Elementalist

There are multiple ways to unlock this class. For either of the two choices, you will still need to get the chromatic cell.

Let’s go over the two different methods. Take note that these will both likely require several runs, so be ready for a bit of looping whichever way you choose.

The Easier Way

In order to get the chromatic cell, you will have to make your way to the Energy Center. Once you spawn into the level, you will immediately find a door to your left that is locked behind a keypad.

To open this door, you will need to proceed through the level until you reach the weather control room. Inside, you will find two of the six digits that you need to open the keypad.

Roboquest code

Even without the key to the room, you can easily see parts of the code inside through the window on the side. Basically, you have to keep looping runs until you get all six parts of the code written down.

Once you have the complete code, the next time you spawn in the Energy Center, you will be able to get past the keypad and grab the chromatic cell inside.

Roboquest keypad

The More Complicated Method

First, you must have the path to the Ruins unlocked. This means having to grab the key from the Oasis level. You will also need 25 power cells to open a certain room that you need to enter later on.

Roboquest ruins path

For this method, you will also want to have to go through the Doom Gardens, which means you should have some serious firepower ready. You should also have varying elements ready for the weather control room later.

Now, halfway into the Ruins level, you will find a secret room blocked off by a series of lasers. After killing all nearby enemies, you have to press four buttons in order to shut these defenses off (or you can simply tank the damage, though this is not recommended).

Roboquest laser tunnel

The first button is on top of a truck right in front of the blocked path. The next two are in an area above the blocked path itself, one below a billboard and another hidden by a bush just opposite the previous one.

Roboquest buttons

The last button is inside the tunnel itself, hidden halfway through it. Once you enter the room, you can grab a data log from a dead robot and the Fields key, which you will need later.

Roboquest last button

Next, once you have made it to the Fields level, you have to fight your way through to the middle point of the map. There, you will find a door that will require the key you took earlier.

Upon opening this door, you will encounter yet another locked door that requires 25 power cells to open. Upon opening this, you will be able to enter the Doom Gardens.

Roboquest doom gardens entrance

This is a timed room, which means you have to reach the end within the time limit to clear it. Certain bots here will give you more time or health when killed.

After finishing the Doom Gardens, you will then enter the Aqua Station. There, you can grab the key to the weather control room.

Roboquest aqua station

From here, proceed normally through the level until you reach the Energy Center. In the Energy Center, you can now enter the weather control room from earlier.

Rather than looking at the code through the window, you can now enter the room and write down the whole code by shooting the orb with the necessary elements to reveal each part of the combination.

Roboquest weather control room

With the entire code ready, you can return to the energy center and get through the keypad to grab the chromatic cell.

And that’s all you need to know when it comes to unlocking the Elementalist class in Roboquest. You could also just guess the 6-digit combination, though that will require a ton of patience and definitely shouldn’t be attempted!

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