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Path of Exile: Blade Vortex Build Guide

In Path of Exile, the Blade Vortex skill is one of the most popular and best skills because of its ability to take down bosses.




Path of Exile is a classic action RPG in which items are most important. This is because skills in the game are in the form of catalysts called gems, which are socketed in your equipment. One of the most popular and most talked-about skills is the Blade Vortex, and it gets even more efficient with the upcoming patch 3.18.

Blade Vortex Build Guide in Path of Exile

The Blade of Vortex is dubbed as everyone’s favorite skill because of its ability to shred bosses in the previous league. Now that there is a new patch coming, players are left wondering whether the ability is still viable or not.

Fortunately, there are only a few recommended changes when building the Blade of Vortex to make it more efficient. This guide will teach you what class best fits the skill, what starter skills to get, and which ones to transition later on in the late game.

Building Blade Vortex

Elementalist to Occultist

The best class to build the Blade Vortex is the Elementalist or Occultist class. You can make your life easier by merging the two instead of weighing their pros and cons and choosing the best.

Start with the Elementalist class first and later transition into an Occultist. The Elementalist class is better with low investment, which is good in the early game, while the Occultist requires higher investment.

Thanks to the recent patch’s damage buffs, the Elementalist class will help you stockpile currency while also dealing massive damage.


You will heavily rely on Orb of Storms when it comes to your early game skills. This is a highly viable ability for clearing maps and can take you from Acts 2-5 with ease.

On early mapping, switching out of Elemental Overload to Critical Strikes should be done sooner because of Brittle Ground. Once you have this effect on a pair of boots, you will be able to consistently apply it on bosses. It is also highly recommended to keep spamming Lesser Eldritch Ember.

On late mapping, the best path to take is to tank up. There is a way to tank up with little investment. The new patch adds various sources of Mana Reservation Efficiency. Now, Eldritch Implicits can be crafted on Spell Suppression Gear or used to enable the new Eldritch Chaos Orbs.

It is also imperative to stack on the bonuses of your skill’s gem levels. This is because scaling has increased with the recent update. This means that the difference between a level 30 Blade of Vortex and a level 20 Blade of Vortex is highly significant.

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