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Path of Exile: Arc Witch Build Guide

In Path of Exile, the Arc Skill gained a significant 50% overall damage buff, making the Arc Witch Build one of the best starter builds to create.




Path of Exile is a free-to-play action RPG with a lot of skills to combine and builds to create. Abilities in the game are found in gems socketed into your equipment. One of the best starter builds you can use and should consider is the Arc Witch Build since it’s easy but also more efficient enough to help you get through the game’s content.

Arc Witch Build Guide in Path of Exile

The Arc Witch build is highly recommended because it has low gear requirements. In addition, it is also easy to play since it has an auto-target and chains feature that can obliterate enemies quickly.

However, you will have to transition into a stronger build when you reach the late game. This guide will teach you the basics of the Arch Witch build, including its mechanics, gems, and many more.

Building an Arc Witch

Arc Witch’s build mechanics heavily rely on Elemental Overload and Attribute Stacking.

  • Elemental Overload: temporarily disables your Critical Strike Multiplier in exchange for a 40% increase in Elemental Damage. When you land a critical strike, this is applied to your skill for 8 seconds; however, it has no effect on your other skills. It only requires about 15-20% crit probability to be helpful, allowing you to put more money into other stats rather than crit.
  • Attribute Stacking: Attribute Stacking allows you to get a considerable boost from modifiers, enhancing your Strength, Dexterity, and Intelligence. An entire build is created around these attributes, focusing on a single stat, while other stats are only leveled up to meet requirements.

The Crystallized Omniscience amulet, will stack all attributes up. The best part is that it doesn’t matter which attribute it is because the amulet changes all of them to the same attribute.

Recommended Gems

  • Freezing Pulse, transition to Arc
  • Orb of Storms
  • Frostblink, transition to Flame Dash
  • Clarity
  • Herald of Thunder
  • Determination
  • Defiance Banner
  • Summon Lightning Golem
  • Summon Stone Golem
  • Summon Flame Golem
  • Summon Chaos Golem
  • Wave of Conviction
  • Conductivity


  • Liege of the Primordial (Normal Labyrinth)
  • Elemancer (Cruel Labyrinth)
  • Mastermind of Discord (Merciless Labyrinth)
  • Bastion of Elements (Eternal Labyrinth)


Check that all of your auras are active and that all golems have been summoned before entering any map.

Keep your Diamond Flask full, get Onslaught for extra speed, and try sniping several enemies with Orb of Storms.

Use Flame Dash and your Quicksilver Flask to reposition or move between enemies.

To be safe, use your Granite, Basalt Flasks and Vaal Molten Shell if you expect to take a lot of damage.

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You can make the process a lot easier by using seed

Credits: Udisen Games

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