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New World: Best Ways to Make Money Fishing | Fishing Guide

You can make many profits from fishing in the New World multiplayer game. This guide will show you how to make as many profits as possible from fishing in the online game.




New world is an online game with many players partaking in the multiplayer role-playing game. You can do almost anything for fun and money in this game, including fighting against monsters, trading, fishing, camping, etc.

To fish, you need to arm yourself with equipment and skills that enable you to get a powerful loot from fishing.

Best Ways To Make Money From Fishing | Fishing Guide – New World

Before you go fishing, you need to have good fishing equipment and skills to maximize your potential to make money from fishing.

We recommend you get the fierce fisherman gear and fishing gloves for your fishing gear. Also, we recommend you finish your fisherman quest to gain needed experience and level up your fishing skills and tools.

If you’ve completed the fishing quest, you can get a legendary fishing pole like the angry earth fishing pole that could give you extra needed buffs. If you don’t have these recommended quests and equipment, you can still make lots of money off fishing.

You can also buy yourself a major fishing gathering trophy that can greatly increase your fishing luck. Also, you might need parcel fishing materials that’ll help you collect more fish.

When you open these parcels, you’ll come across some items that could be used as bait in your fishing hotspot. So go ahead fishing and when you’ve fished for quite some time, open your inventory to see the types of fish you’ve caught.

Check the Trading post to see listed fishes and how valuable they are. Then, list your fishes and place a sell order on each of them. This is how you make money off fishing in New World.

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