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Medieval Dynasty: How to Upgrade Houses

As a survival/crafting game and town building and management sim hybrid, upgrading buildings is a key aspect of Medieval Dynasty.




Despite buildings being relatively easy to create, unlocking the ability to upgrade them is less straightforward. This guide aims to explain step-by-step on how to upgrade houses in Medieval Dynasty.

How to Upgrade Houses in Medieval Dynasty

Let’s start by noting, first of all, that building upgrades can only be done to houses and no other buildings. Also, the function of these house upgrades is to change the exterior of the houses. This will increase the happiness of the villagers that live in them, so they’re important for making your villagers happy.

With that out of the gate, let’s go more in-depth on how to upgrade houses.

Unlocking Skills

First off, you’ll need to do obtain experience and points towards unlocking the production skill called “Handyman”. This is relatively straightforward: any crafting you do will increase your Production experience and give you skill points. So for now, you just have to craft any and all buildings you can. Once you have obtained enough points, simply unlock the Handyman skill, found in the Production tab, represented by an anvil, under Skills.

After you have obtained the Handyman skill, equip your hammer and right-click to bring up a menu with a multitude of options. The topmost center one of those options is Upgrade, so pick that. Any building that can be upgrade will now have a teal overlay over it and will show you the required materials when you approach any of its walls.

Upgrading itself is not too different from the act of building a house. You upgrade one wall at a time and the appearance of the wall noticeable changes when you finish upgrading it. The materials required to upgrade vary depending on if the house has stone walls or wattle walls, but the process is the same for both.

But there you have it, that’s the gist of the process. Now you just need to gather the materials to upgrade the houses, but it’s well worth doing so as this will greatly increase the insulation of each house, which will in turn increase the happiness of the villagers which reside in it.

Fully insulated houses are very resilient to external elements, such as the heat of summer and the cold of winter, which villagers definitely appreciate.

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