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LEGO Star Wars Skywalker Saga: Rebel Bubble Password Solution

The Rebel Bubble password puzzle involves a Gungan who has forgotten the password he gave to a friend. Here’s how you can recover that password and complete the puzzle.




The Rebel Bubble Password Trouble puzzle works pretty much the same as with other password puzzles in the game. You just have to recover the password, open a container, obtain the reward, and the puzzle is then complete.

It can, however, be a bit confusing for new players. If that’s the case, then this guide is for you.

Rebel Bubble Password Solution in LEGO Star Wars Skywalker Saga

Unless you’ve already obtained a Protocol Droid by visiting other parts of the game, you most likely won’t be able to solve this puzzle as soon as you arrive in Gungan city. Due to that, the most basic requirement you should meet to solve this puzzle, and all other puzzles in general, is to get a Protocol Droid.

You can find a certain Gungan in the city who has a secret stash beside him but can’t get to access it as he has forgotten the password. Your mission will be to obtain that password to unlock the secret stash.

To obtain the password, you’ll have to head to the bubble located on the southeast portion of the map. The terminal where the password is located is inside a bubble that you have to open first. For this, you need to switch to a Hero so you can interact with the terminal on the outside which will unlock the door.

After that, go inside to access the terminal containing the password using your Protocol Droid. As usual, mash the square button until it reveals the password; this time, it’s for the Secret Rebel Stash.

Head back to where the secret stash is located. Simply access the red terminal, then choose Secret Rebel Stash. After that, the stash will open and you can then loot the reward inside. You will also see a prompt saying “Mission Complete”.

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