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How to Get the Best Legendary Axe in Enshrouded

It gotta be the best, with a name like “Apotheosis.”




Wanting to use axes as your main weapon can be fun in Enshrouded, but you will definitely want to get the best Legendary axe if you plan to focus on axes.

However, getting it will require you to take down a mighty ferocious beast, so make sure you’re prepared!

In this guide, we’ll tell you how to get Jezmina’s Apotheosis, the best Legendary axe in Enshrouded.

How to Get the Best Legendary Axe – Jezmina’s Apotheosis

How to Get the Best Legendary Axe in Enshrouded - Vukah Brawler

The best Legendary Axe, Jezmina’s Apotheosis, can only be found as a drop from the Vukak Brawler bosses.

There are multiple of those big tough guys around the world, and each one has a random chance to drop the axe. Thankfully, they also respawn in case you don’t get the axe when you kill them.

So, since the drop is random, you should have some patience when trying to get this weapon!

Vukah Ceremony Hill location

The easiest Vukah Brawler to find is the one at the Vukah Ceremony Hill, near the southeastern part of the map. It’s far to the east of the starting point of the game, the Cinder Vault.

We do warn you to prepare thoroughly before fighting it, though. It’s a particularly good idea to get ranged weapons, such as staves and spells. Vukah Brawlers are pretty easy to take out from a distance!

Once you’re ready, just traverse to the Vukah Ceremony Hill to find some sort of abandoned encampment. In the middle of it, you will see a massive monster, known as the Vukah Brawler.

Fighting the Vukah Brawler

Thankfully, its massive size does make the Vukah Brawler quite sluggish with its attacks. As such, it’s actually incredibly easy to take it out if you simply use ranged weapons!

Don’t underestimate his resilience, though, as he can take quite a beating before he goes down. Make sure you bring enough ammo for your ranged weapons.

Vukah Brawler loot, sadly no Apotheosis for this player

Once the Vukah Brawler bites the dust, loot him and you’ll hopefully get a Jezmina’s Apotheosis as one of the drops. If you don’t, you can fight it again as he respawns after some in-game days.

Alternatively, you can save and quit then reload your save to force it to respawn. You will respawn back at the last Flame Altar you used, though!

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