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Enshrouded: How to Build Unique Windows

Add some flair to your house!




Anytime a game has customizable building options for bases, people want to make beautiful houses. Enshrouded is excellent for this, providing players with a host of options for customizing their spaces. One of the harder elements of a base to make look good is the windows.

Having well-designed windows can make your base stand out. So, how can you create some unique-looking windows in Enshrouded?

How to Build Unique Windows

To make unique windows in Enshrouded, you should make use of Roof Blocks. By placing them in creative ways around a window, we can make unique patterns and designs. We’ll be going through a couple of these to ensure you understand the basics.

Keep in mind, that all of these designs can be modified according to your likes and dislikes. There are different kinds of materials, such as the Fancy Stone. At the end of the day, the only way to make a design you like is to experiment yourself!

For our first example, we will be making use of the Tarred Shingle Roof Blocks to make a simple rounded border for your windows. Simply place two blocks on the top and bottom of the window. Then, place three blocks on either side of it. 

Putting Blocks in Enshrouded

We’re going for a rounded design here, so leave all of the 4 corners empty. Once you’re done you should have a design that looks something like this. 

Design in Enshrouded

This gives a nice rounded look, with an upside-down V at the top of it. 

Just to show how easy it is to modify designs and experiment, we have another design for you! Place two more blocks, one on each top corner of the window. 

Corner Blocks in Enshrouded

This will give your window a much cleaner look, by getting rid of the upside-down V. This is great if you want a more minimalistic base, as this will complement that nicely. 

Adding blocks in Enshrouded

If you add two more blocks at the top of this design, you’ll end up with the upside down V again, just higher up. In my opinion, this looks better than both of the previous versions. 

Design 2 in Enshrouded

You can also experiment with different types of shingle roof blocks. For instance, by using two Stone Shingle Roof Blocks on the top of the window instead of Tarred, you end up with this. 

Stone in Enshrouded

There are other more unconventional ways to spice up your window designs too. While Roof Blocks are great. You could use other items too. For instance, try using a window rotated 90° on either side of your window. 

Windows in Enshrouded

While this may seem a little weird, this can give your windows a really unique look. Place two blocks of your choice behind the lower parts of the sideways window as well. 

New Design in Enshrouded

These were just a few examples of what kind of window designs you can make in Enshrouded. Your imagination is the only limit here, as the game gives you more than a few options to mess around with. Use these designs as a blueprint and experiment to get some truly unique designs just for you!

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