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Enshrouded: Where to Find Fancy Stone

Give your base a “Fancy” look.




Building is a core mechanic of Enshrouded, with the game giving players a lot of options when it comes to building their bases. Throughout your journey in Embervale, you will be able to find many different blocks and materials that you can use.

A very elegant-looking stone that you will be able to find in Enshrouded is the Fancy Stone. So, where exactly can this stone be found in the game?

We will be answering that question for you by looking at the location of the Fancy Stone. Other than that, we will also look at how you can craft the Fancy Stone.

Where to Find Fancy Stone

map marked with the location to ravens fort

To get Fancy Stone, you will need to get to the “Raven’s Keep” fort. The fort is marked on the map above and can be found towards the east.

Fancy Stone is a relatively harder Building Block to get in Enshrouded. This is mainly due to the high level you need to be to unlock it. To get to the “Raven’s Keep” fort, you will need to first unlock the Nomad Highlands Area, which is unlocked pretty late into the story.

chest containing the fancy stone

Inside the fort, you will find a chest containing the Fancy Stone. This chest can be found in one of the many cellars within the fort. The Chest itself is easy to find, but the fort will be crawling with enemies all around.

When clearing a fort like this one, you have the option of calling upon some friends to help you out. Utilizing the game’s co-op feature here will make it much easier for you to roam through the fort.

Crafting Fancy Stone

Other than getting the Fancy Stone, looting the chest in the fort will also unlock the recipe needed to craft the Fancy Stone.

crafting recipe for fancy stone

You will be able to craft the Fancy stone on your Workbench with Limestone and Wood Planks.

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