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Enshrouded: All Carpenter & Hunter Survivor Locations

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The Carpenter and Hunter are two of the surviving craftspeople you can enlist in Enshrouded, provided you know their locations.

They’re not too hard to find, thankfully, so you should make sure to go get them as soon as possible. They’ll greatly expand your crafting repertoire, as well as unlock new quests!

In this guide, we tell you the locations where you can find the Carpenter and Hunter.

Where to Find The Carpenter and Hunter Survivor Locations

Carpenter Location – Carpentry Assistance

Enshrouded: All Carpenter & Hunter Survivor Locations - Carpenter

Before you find the Carpenter, you should make sure to first find and free the Alchemist. The Alchemist will, in turn, give you the “Carpentry Assistance” quest.

Carpenter Vault on the map

This quest will task you with traveling to the Ancient Vault that holds the Carpenter. You can find this Ancient Vault to the east of where you set up your first base during the tutorial quests.

Inside the Ancient Vault

The Ancient Vault itself is very simple, as it’s basically a linear path toward the Carpenter. However, you should make sure to prepare first, as the area is covered in Shroud fog!

It’s a simple path, but it’s very long and the entire way is filled with Shroud. Move quickly as you go through this area.

Fighting a Wraith

Also, make sure to bring strong weapons as you’re likely to encounter strong enemies, such as Wraiths. Though, killing them would get you some rare Shroud Cores easily.

Rubble blocks the way

Additionally, you should bring a Pickaxe. You’ll need it to destroy the rubble at the end of the linear path to the Ancient Vault.

Other than that, it’s a fairly easy survivor to find!

Hunter Location – Hunter Becomes the Hunted

Enshrouded: All Carpenter & Hunter Survivor Locations - Hunter

Just like with the Carpenter, you should first make sure to free the Alchemist. Also, we recommend that you clear the Ancient Spire in the Springlands.

Doing both of these things should open up the “Hunter Becomes the Hunted” quest after you rescue the Carpenter.

Hunter Vault on the map

You can find the Hunter’s Ancient Vault location to the northeast of the Braelyn Bridge, which is also northeast of your first base.

It’s a simple Ancient Vault, though you should make sure to bring your Grappling Hook to climb some of the terrain on the way.

Inside the Vault

Once you enter the Ancient Vault, you should see some lightning orb traps. Carefully time your movement to go past them and you will reach the second floor.

Gate on the second floor

As soon as you go up, look for the gate to your right and open it.

Emblem marked

You’ll find a runic emblem on the wall there, interact with it, or give it a smack.

Crossing the gap

Now just double back to the previous room and look for the large gap over some lava. Use your Grappling Hook to cross the gap and then go up the stairs.

Hunter's Pod

You should now be in the room with the Hunter’s pod, so just approach it and awaken her!

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